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Do you know what helps you sleep better, exercise more? Buy less and connect more ... all while decreasing stress during the most wonderful stressful time of the year?

It's Gratitude!
(and the Gratitude Gravy challenge!)

Yes, It's time to get all the incredible benefits of gratitude amp up the appreciation this season with Lizzie Larock's gratitude gravy challenge!

Gratitude is like Netflix for our wellbeing—giving you JOY, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism on-demand and the Gratitude Gravy Challenge helps you counteract the season of stuff that’s careening right around the corner to remind you what the holidays are truly all about .... stress.

(kidding, kind of!).

=>It's such a creative way to amp up the appreciation, even Health magazine took notice and featured Gratitude Gravy in this month's issue ⬇!

Instead of soaking up the holiday season in a Black Friday frenzy, let's amp up the appreciation (and get all the stress-reducing benefits) of a playful and creative gratitude practice. 

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The free challenge is from:
November 23-29, 2022.
5 Creative gratitude practices. All play, zero pressure. Join us!

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Hey there! I'm Lizzie Larock.

I'm the creator of The Life Feast and the gratitude GRAVY challenge. Let's go for GLOBAL GRATITUDE! Join the hundreds of awesome humans in our gratitude gravy boat and share this page to invite some of your friends and loved ones in on the fun, too! It's all play, zero pressure, has massive health and relationship benefits and makes the world a better place, too.

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The Gratitude Gravy challenge is featured in Health magazine.

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