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The holidays look kind of different this year ...

Even though 2020 has been a wild ride, we can still amp up the joy this holiday season with Lizzie Larock's free gratitude gravy and small joys challenge!
It's happening Dec 8-10, 2020

With this creative gratitude and small joys challenge - you can create a holiday worth remembering.

Gratitude is like Netflix for our wellbeing—giving you JOY, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism on-demand. And small joys are everywhere!

The Gratitude Gravy & Small Joys Challenge helps you counteract the season of stuff that’s careening right around the corner, and to de-stress Merry “Stress-mas”!

The gratitude gravy + small joys challenge just might be the antidote we all need as we wrap up this craziness we call 2020...

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Dec 8-10, 2020 - but you'll get a few gratitude BONUSES right away!

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Hey there! I'm Lizzie Larock.

I'm a photographer, a writer, and a positive-psychology coach. I've been leading the gratitude GRAVY challenge since 2017. This year, let's go for GLOBAL GRATITUDE! Join the hundreds of awesome humans in our gratitude gravy boat and invite some of your friends and loved ones in too! It's all play, zero pressure. 

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