Get into your best CREATIVE life (without the GUILT of doing something just for you!). 

Ready to meet your old self again? Remember the person you were before you became all things to all people and then completely forgot about yourself? Watch below👇.


It's the infusion of joy, curiosity, mindfulness, awe and adventure you didn't know you needed to say buh bye to perfectionism, busyness and stress. Get ready to THRIVE instead of survive because this is the 5 star feast your soul has been craving. 

I need this in my life!

Here's what you'll have immediate access to when you join The Life Feast:

1) Stuck and stressed to brave, bold & wildly creative framework

The 7-part framework that takes you from stuck and stressed to brave, bold and wildly creative, including the life-changing f*ck perfectionism bonus.

2) Monthly workshops, challenges and APPY hours

with special guest experts in creativity, photography and positive psychology to inspire you into even more feastiness. Support, stories, smiles, connection and flourishing (plus we laugh . . . a LOT!)

3) Video library of quick iPhone tips and tricks

to take beautiful photos using just your phone in less than 5 minutes. You'll never have to ask a small child for help, again! 

4) A community of the most inspiring (and funny!) women

who are bucking the status quo to color outside the lines of motherhood and midlife!

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A few reasons why it's time for you to join The Life Feast...

You're ready to turn negatives into positives!

You want to get unstuck, out of stress and busyness and see life through a new lens.

You want to be more present...

All that ringing, dinging and pinging is taking its toll. You want to learn how to be more present and less distracted in your life. 

You're ready to F*CK Perfectionism!

It's exhausting and your inner critic has been LOUD lately. It's time to get out of your own way with this wildly popular bonus.

You're ready to unleash your creativity!
It's been too long, it's time to prioritize what makes you feel ALIVE not just tick the boxes of life.
You're ready to get in the game and have more fun!

Life is not a spectator sport. You're ready to be playful, try new things and color outside the lines of life for more JOY.

You want life to feel as juicy as it did in your 20's

with the wisdom of your midlife. You're ready to step outside your comfort zone into your growth zone (where all the zest of life is). 

You're ready to be in awe of it all!

There are some surprising life-changing benefits for having reverence for it all. This is where we appreciate everything we've created in these feasty lives of ours.

You want to take better pictures!

Not only do you get this creative positive psychology infusion, you ALSO get a huge library of quick and easy tips and tricks for taking gorgeous photos on your iPhone in less than 5 minutes. You'll master ALL of the hidden features on your iPhone camera and never take a blurry or disappointing photo, again.

You love learning that combines science, rockstars, growth and creativity!

Monthly themes include: finding your purpose with ikigai, hope/humor/happiness, #SmallJoys, PHOETRY, digital decluttering, capturing moments that matter, heARTwork, self-care, feasty relationships, talk back to your brain BS, F*ck perfectionism, plus much more. 


Yessss to all of this!

The Life Feast is "The Best Place on the Internet".

Not only will you absolutely love this mashup of photography and positive psychology, there's also a wholehearted, supportive, thoughtful, funny, creative bunch of beautiful souls in The Life Feast community. 

There is just so much to say about how awesome this program is! What you teach about being happier, more mindful, slowing down, savoring and the photo exercises really brings it home. Life Feast has woken me up to the world! I’m not kidding - it has been POWERFUL!!!

–Laura Rosenberg, working mom 

Life Feast taught me I am happiest when I am being creative and engaging in the fun, not just orchestrating other people’s fun. Thank you, Lizzie Larock, for reminding me how important it is to take care of myself, and most of all help me remember who I am!!

- Jennifer Maginnis, working mom

I’m so happy the Life Feast got me out of my daily rut. It was the catalyst to stop sitting on the sidelines of my life. If you are craving a creative boost in your life, you must stop and take this class. It’s the best! 

- Kristen Burris, business owner, mom of two

"At the time I signed up, I needed a boost of positivity. I was going through a tough time in my life, and didn't even think I would have time to participate. But I started finding joy in every single day. I'd slow down, even just for a moment, to notice something beautiful. I started noticing all kinds of art in the everyday. I use the tools in the Life Feast every single day. I couldn't love this program more. Thank you, Lizzie! 

- Shea Cochran (mom of two); (photos below by Shea Cochran)


I’m a photographer, a writer and a positive psychology based creativity coach.

And I am no stranger to stress. 

I created The Life Feast after using creative photography and positive psychology to change my perspective, see things in a new way, and amplify the good in my life. 

Everything in The Life Feast has been my go-to solution for coping when my life has been a "haute mess" and what I use to celebrate when my life has been a joyous thrill ride. 

And I'd love to teach you how to savor, swoon and, most importantly, feast on your life!

Don't procrastinate living your big, beautiful feasty life. You've waited long enough.

“Give me the magic month-by-month!”

Enjoy all the perks of Life Feast with the freedom to cancel anytime!

  • The Life Feast way to amp up the JOY in your life using iPhone photography
  • Infuse your life with creativity (without the guilt of doing something just for you!)
  • An amazing mashup of positive psychology and creative photography
  • 12 quick iPhone tips and tutorials + in depth photo workshops
  • Hang out in a thriving community of women who are feasting on life (you will love us!)
  • You can cancel anytime with 2-clicks, no guilt, no hassles

*It's 47/month and you can cancel at anytime with just two clicks (yes, it's that easy, no you won't want to). 

Start my Life Feast for just $47

“I’m ALL in! Give me the annual plan!”

I'd love to feast for the year with the two free months and a gift in the mail!

$470/year (Two free months!)

  • Two months of feasting for FREE! (Yes, you save over $94!)
  • Bonus gifts delivered to your door! (You don’t want to miss these!)
  • The Life Feast way to amp up the JOY in your life using iPhone photography
  • Infuse your life with creativity (without the guilt of doing something just for you!)
  • An amazing mashup of positive psychology and creative photography
  • 12 quick iPhone tips and tutorials + in depth photo workshops
  • Hang out in a thriving community of women who are feasting on life (you will love us!) 
  • Extra bonus workshops that’ll boost your creativity (and relieve your stress!)
  • Peace of mind that you WON'T fall back into the old patterns of putting yourself dead last.  

    For $470 for an entire year of this creative goodness (basically $1.28 a day to get out of your inner critic, perfectionism, stress and get into your creativity!)

Life Feast Annual!

"All the things that Lizzie has been teaching us have changed my life.."

I love this entire Life Feast practice and this community. Mindfulness and all the things that Lizzie has been teaching us have changed my life. And seeing all of the wonderful photos raises my positive vibes to a whole new level. In the middle of uncertain times, I am probably the happiest person I know. Thank you, Lizzie 

—Cyndi Liming, 5th grade teacher, mom and Life Feaster (photos below by Cyndi Liming)

You will finally feel like YOURSELF, again...

Remember the person buried under the piles of laundry and work deadlines? Yes, her. She's ready to trade in the stress and the to do list for a big, beautiful feasty life full of creativity and joy. 

Let's face it, you've signed a million permission slips for everyone else, isn't it time you signed the ultimate permission slip that's just for you (no guilt allowed!). 

Join The Life Feast today and watch your life flourish.


I'm Ready to Feast on Life!