It's the mashup of curiosity, mindfulness, joy, awe and creativity that you didn't know you needed.

This is what your dusty soul has been craving...

I see your eye rolls …who has time to worry about their soul? Life keeps us busy, and the world feels heavy.

It's like we are wearing a dental xray apron all.the.time (thanks Anne Lamott for that visual!). 

Maybe your soul isn’t completely lost, but it’s just buried under the bills or in that dryer full of laundry you keep re-heating.


What did you used to love to do?

Before you felt like a professional text messager, email answerer, bill paying, carpool driving, coffee drinking, card carrying grown-up with a big heart, a big job and a big to-do list?

Did you draw?
Did you dance?
Did you paint?
Did you sing?
Did you make mixtapes?
Did you take photographs? 

It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?

Your plate is full, but your soul is starving.

We spend decades making sure our kids are living their best lives.

  • We spend years in our cars driving to arts, sports and activites. 
  • Half our lives filling out paperwork and permission slips for their fun field trips.
  • Late nights on birthdays, holidays and science projects.

Then we role model that, as adults, you should only spend your time on everyone else or your in-box.


This microwaved version of life does not exactly feed your soul. 

No more crumbs or life's leftovers.

It's time to FEAST on your life.

What The Feast are you talking about, Lizzie?

To put it bluntly: being a whole human (with interests, hobbies and a LIFE outside of working, parenting, partner'ing, and dinner’ing) matters. 

Your needs matter. A LOT.
Yes! I want to do this for me!


Filling your cup (with something other than caffeine) matters. 

(definitely not knocking caffeine, but you deserve MORE...)

You were someone before you were a parent, an executive, a business owner, partner or any other hat you wear, and what makes YOU come alive MATTERS.

There's more to life than overwhelm or autopilot. 

So how about creativity, curiosity, joy, awe and adventure, instead (said no TV commercial ever)?

Yup, I know this is not the usual solution touted on TV or TikTok ...  

But you don’t actually need a new diet, a new wardrobe, a new vitamin supplement, a new morning routine or a new makeup routine to love your life more.  

You love your career, your people, and your full coverage foundation (true story, I do actually love mine!), and you also love YOU.

But YOU have been busy with all.the.things for all.the.people for a lot of years. 

It's time to reconnect YOU to YOU.

(the YOUest of YOUs! Now I sound like Dr. Seuss)

This is the “outside the (Amazon) box” creative solution to that stressed-out, burned out, rusted out feeling we get after too many years of paying bills, driving carpool, checking email and doing all the things for everyone else.

The Life Feast is for when we realize that life is short, tax returns are long and there’s really no time like the present to live our fullest, FEASTiest (aka flourishing) life.

"We all have two lives to live, and the second one begins as soon as we realize we only have one."


PS your life feast is that second life...

Your soul needs nourishing, moisturizing and peloton'ing, too!

The Life Feast is like the BEST yoga or gym membership for your SOUL.

  • You will find 5-minutes of joy, even when you're busy or life feels like the joy was sucked right out!
  • You will give yourself permission to get out of perfectionism (Feck Perfuction* is our motto. *Thanks Jame Victore!). There's just too much pressure on all of us, this is where we stop judging ourselves. 
  • You will love your life more (without the guilt of doing something that's JUST for you). 
The Life Feast is a mashup of positive psychology, creativity and iphone photography (yes, I'll explain).
ummm, I need this!

Here's What's Included in The Life Feast:

The Life Feast Course

First, you'll want to dig into the 8-module signature course that takes you from rusting out (or burning out) to FEASTING on life with curiosity, creativity and AWE. 

Live Workshops

Next, join our LIVE ongoing and uplifting workshops on positivity, creativity, humor, relationships, meaning, purpose, joy & more. Bonus guest experts, too! NOT the same old same old.

Life Feast Library!

Anytime, dig into 88+ videos on-demand including: iPhone camera tips, creative photo editing, and workshops with positive psychology experts, artists, writers, & photographers.


Play whenever you want in the joyful online community that encourages, supports & inspires you whenever you need it. It'll keep you creating, mindful & feasting on life! Best sandbox out there.

"The Life Feast is the best thing on the internet."

-Katy Martin, web designer, mother of 2, person who spends a LOT of time on the internet, so she actually knows what she's talking about ;-). (photos below by Katy Martin)

I know you need more play, less pressure.

More Joy.
More Space.
Less Stress. 
More You.

This is how you FEAST on life instead of running on empty.
Sign up before everyone needs you for something that's not even urgent... ➡

If you're giving me the skeptical side eye, I am no stranger to stress.

When my twins were tiny, I owned a 300-seat restaurant (yes a rowdy bar with live music and loads of people type of restaurant), and my husband went through 7 orthopedic surgeries in 6 years (we doubled up one year!). There were other crises like years of infertility, and even more challenges that have made my therapist’s jaw drop fairly recently.

I’ve experienced massive stress, huge grief and a big portion of life’s ups and downs. 

I want to teach you all of the tools that I used to be more resilient, compassionate, creative, irreverent, playful, present and joyful AF no matter what is going on in my life. 

And, I know what I teach WORKS, because I have good days/bad days and every kind of day in between (just ask my family).

I'm wildly imperfect and absolutely FLAWesome (and so are YOU!). 

Many years ago, I made the decision to not have my needs be dead last in life.

Instead of me playing the role solely of chauffeur, bill payer, grocery shopper and family manager (plus running my own business), I gave myself permission to do things JUST FOR ME. I took photography classes,  creative writing workshops, and even wrote and performed comedic parodies of my mom life in front of 200 people!

I decided that I wanted less time in resentment and more time in fulfillment. And FILLING my own cup spilled over (in the best ways) in every part of my life. 

Let's not let our lives turn to RUST.

If you’re nodding your head and thinking, you'd like this charcuterie board version of life cause you're sick of the lunchables version, then have some burrata, my friend…we are going for LIT up, not rusted out or dusted over.

And this is MY version of a feasty life. Don't worry you do not have to perform mom parodies on stage to have your own Life Feast!

I'm Lizzie Larock and I'm all about a joy-inducing, perfectionism crushing, non people-pleasing version of LIFE that feels like a delicious FEAST.

I’m a champion of creativity, a smasher of self-doubt, and a creative photographer (since the dark ages room), and I used to be a haute mess of stress! 

I'm an applied positive-psychology based coach and I'm the creator of The Life Feast - the online and “in the wild” membership you didn’t know you have been waiting half your life for.  

I'm far from perfect, I give myself (and YOU) permission to be HUMAN and permission to use curiosity, awe, mindfulness, play and CREATIVITY to love on the whole beautiful mess of it all. 

"If you think you're getting through this sh*tshow of life without art, you are mistaken."

-Brene Brown

Did you know that we are "teflon” for the good and "velcro” for the bad.

It's why we need positive psychology to FEAST (rather than freak out) in daily life.

We are biologically wired to look for what’s wrong in life, it's how we've survived for eons.

But when we're anxious 24/7 running from work to school to Starbucks (instead of running from tigers), we need a more nuanced set of tools.

Positive psychology is the science of gratitude, awe, mindfulness, purpose and meaning that helps us look for the good in our busy, stressful lives. This is how we thrive rather than merely survive.

It's not toxic positivity or Good Vibes Only. This is fortifying ourselves for resilience.

It's also permission to be human so 
you can love on ALL of life (because none of us are getting out unscathed).

You do actually NEED creativity to thrive:

Creativity is self-care.

It's cathartic.

It boosts confidence.

It lowers cortisol.

It spikes your courage and

SPARKS your imagination.

It's not this big intimidating thing. We all have it. Creativity makes us more comfortable with uncertainty. If there's anything certain these days, it's that life is always UNCERTAIN. 

Fun fact: during the lockdowns of 2020, research* of THOUSANDS of people showed that those who spent more time in a creative (flow) state were happier than those white knuckling their days.

People with creative pursuits were even happier than those with longtime mindfulness practices!

But how do you make time for your creativity in this jam-packed life?

You don’t need to bust out those paints and an easel on the side of the road or have huge swaths of free time to enjoy the benefits of creativity in your daily life.

Guess what, your phone is the most accessible, easiest creative tool that is already attached to the palm of your hand. 

You call it an iphone, I call it a creative gateway drug

One that opens those hermetically sealed doors to the wild-eyed curious, adventurous, playful, joyful, person you used to feel like. 

A camera has always taught us how to look for the good...

Your phone lets you be creative on the fly, notice art in the everyday, and it’s a tool you're already using to capture this beautiful life that is flying by (we all have at least 5,000 Kodak moments on our camera roll).

Your smart phone camera can also be used as as a positive psychology tool.

Studies from Yale, University of California, University of North Carolina, and University of Kent/Canterbury show that Smartphone photography can enhance experiences, help us savor the good, increase positive emotions, reframe our perspective and find more meaning and fulfillment in our days. 

Even Yale agrees!

Because long before the invention of the iPhone, the camera taught us how to see the world (without a camera).

This is the opposite of "Phoning it in" in Life.

We carry around these powerful creative tools that we sometimes make phone calls on.
I want to do this ➡

Creative smartphone photography and positive psychology are made for each other!

BOTH teach us how to look for the good, turn a negative into a positive, flip our focus and find a new perspective. 

In the Life Feast, you are curious, present, you notice more joy, live a little more adventurously, and are in awe much more often (oh and, fun fact, AWE actually reduces inflammation!!).

The positive effects stay with you LONGER (we're tawlking YEARS longer), because you will never see the world the same way, again!

#ceilingselfie #smalljoys #gratitudegravy #feckperfuction #evenintraffic #evenonyourworstdays #justdoit

I use the tools in the Life Feast every single day!

I didn't even think I would have time to participate, but I badly needed a boost of positivity as I was going through a tough time in my life.  I started finding joy in the littlest momentsI use the tools in the Life Feast every single day. It never even occurred to me to take photos of anything other than my kids on my iPhone. I couldn't love this program more. Thank you, Lizzie! 

- Shea Cochran  (photos below by Shea Cochran)

Here's what you do first in the Life Feast:

You can do the signature Life Feast 8 modules on your own time, in the wilds of your life or in the community. Here's a preview of what's in store for you:

Oh and there's an app and a private podcast version so you can easily FEAST on the go (or while folding laundry - it's gotta come outta the dryer, eventually, right?).

Module 1: The Photos that Shape Your Life
Module 2: The Art of Paying Attention
Module 3: Slow, Flow & Savor
Module 4: Feck Perfuction* (James Victore)
Module 5: Flip Your Focus & Get Curious
Module 6: Play + Parade
Module 7: Adventure Capital
Module 8: The AWE of it all
Then, every month in The Life Feast, as long as you're a member ...

You get novelty, fresh perspectives and inspiring workshops, positive psychology or photo challenges to keep you engaged in your feasty life year-round! New ones are on the calendar and you get access to all of these past guest expert workshops, too!

Here are some of our past guest experts. New events are always on the calendar (plus you have access to these past ones, too!).

Love your SELFIE on camera

with Lucia Doynel

Finding Myself in a Busy Life 

with Mandy Seligman

FLORgeous iPhone photos

with Kevin Higa

Phoetry & The Human Herd

with Beth Anstandig

Everyday: a year long photo diary

with Byron Wolfe

Simply Creative
Photo Hacks

with Bryden Giving

Creating Out Loud at Every Age & Stage

with Jennifer Louden

Habit Hacking & Stacking for Vitality

Joann Schell

Creative Bullet Journaling 

with JJ Weisberg

Declutter Your Photo Library

with Isabelle Dervaux

REST session with

Rebecca S. Marshall

Family Photojournalism

with Ashley Ples

There's always something inspiring happening inside The Life Feast!

join before March 13, 2024 to join the LIVE guest expert workshop on photo embroidery (stitching our stories onto vintage photographs) with guest expert Juliana Naufel. Doors to the Life Feast are closing the next day, so get in while you can and enjoy this bonus workshop. 

Sign me up!

"All the things that Lizzie has been teaching us have changed my life.."

I love this entire Life Feast practice and this community. Mindfulness and all the things that Lizzie has been teaching us have changed my life. And seeing all of the wonderful photos raises my positive vibes to a whole new level. Thank you, Lizzie.

- Cyndi Liming (photos below by Cyndi Liming)

How to Get Better at Stress. 

Feel Better with Positive Psychology Tools

How to Talk Back to Your Brain BS!

Getting Unstuck From Difficult Emotions

It's Time for Self-Compassion Over Self-Esteem

From Life Fatigue to Full On Flourishing!

All this AND a bag of iPhone photo tips? (well, not a bag, but a dozen iPhone specific camera videos. You'll never have to ask a teenager for help, again). Here's just a taste of those iPhone videos! 

Sign Me Up Now ➡

Life Feast taught me I am happiest when I am being creative and engaging in the fun, not just orchestrating other people’s fun. 

People! Sign up for this class. NOW! It’s wonderful and this is a great way to jump-start your creative engine."


There is just so much to say about how awesome this program is!  Life Feast has woken me up to the world! I’m not kidding - it has been POWERFUL!!! 


"Best. Class. Ever. Bucket list checked."


Here's How to Start Life Feasting, Today.

Sign up right now before 18 million texts blow up your phone or you get more email notifications or sucked into a social media wormhole. Or before someone in your household asks you to find the scissors, their socks, the dog or who knows what else (can't they look before asking??)...

It's time to give yourself permission to do something that is JUST for you (without the guilt).

Let's do this!

Give me the magic month-by-month!


Cancel anytime, no awkwardness


Ooh! I want to Life Feast all year.


Best deal! 2 months FREE with annual. You will love how amazing it feels to FEAST year-round!

Here's what's included:
  • Life Feast 8-module course to amp up the joy in your life.
  • Access to 88+ bonus modules on stress, perfectionism, gratitude, purpose, optimism, how to coach yourself, meaning and so many other positive psychology topics + creativity workshops.
  • Monthly live APPY hours with Lizzie and fantastic guest experts.
  • 12 quick iPhone photo tips and tutorials (you'll know every camera button and never have to ask a teenager, again!)
  • A thriving community of women who are feasting on life (you will love us!)
  •  Everything is recorded and made for BUSY people. Do this on your own time or join us live.
  •  You can cancel anytime with 2-clicks, no guilt, no hassles
  •  You will love what your life feels like inside of The Life Feast!


Don't wait until it's too late and miss out. Our summer Cyanotypes workshop is for everyone! It's on June 19th and you'll be guided all summer long, plus as an extra bonus, you'll get immediate access to ALL of our past guest expert workshops on all kinds of fantastic photographic creativity.  

If this is our one life or our last dance, let's strut through life in Freddie Mercury or David Bowie style!

Because you are still fun. Even if you've forgotten what that feels like.

And you deserve to feel lit up, alive, and creative. 

If you feel the tug to join The Life Feast, you're feeling that tug on your soul RIGHT NOW for a reason. You'll love being a part of The Life Feast.

#noregrets #whatareyouwaitingfor


Permission to do something that is just for JOY. No calorie counting, just feasting on LIFE, my friend. 

It's time to remember what made you come alive, and give yourself permission to prioritize YOU. 

No guilt and no apologies because you already take care of everyone + the furbabies. Life will always be full, now it's time to make sure it's actually FULfilling.

It’s time to savor, swoon and sincerely fall in love with your feasty life.