An online and "in the wild" program to rediscover your creative spark (through smart phone photography) without the guilt of doing something just for yourself. 

Led by: Lizzie Larock - Photographer, Writer, Positive Psychology Coach

Are you ready to rediscover a creative outlet without the guilt for doing something just for yourself?

It's been an extraordinarily challenging year, one in which our already stretched  selves got pulled in even more directions. 

From kitchen table classrooms to navigating challenges we never dreamed of before, it's past time to give ourselves a little nurturing. 

Bubble baths only help so much...

Don't get me wrong, I love love love my tub. But creativity trumps Calgon in the long run.

Creativity amps up the positivity, decreases stress and shows you that there's so much more to the everyday than the maintenance, minutae and mother effin' craziness of it all. 

I’m Lizzie and I created The Life Feast Program for you and for me because when we subsist on the crumbs of life taking care of everyone else, constantly putting ourselves on the back burner, our lives go from fired up to burned out.

Life Feast Monthly Happiness + Creativity Booster


No contracts + No Commitments + Cancel Anytime

  • Life Feast framework for banning the guilt and increasing the joy!
  • Monthly joy boosting positive psychology life challenge
  • Life Lens photo + creativity prompts
  • Appy Hour & Monthly Feast community calls
  • The hidden 2-minute manual: how to take better photos on your iPhone.
  • Bonus digital declutter and photo library organizing workshop with guest expert.
  • Easy expert tricks to edit and enhance your photos in 5-minutes or less.
  • Private online forum (best sandbox on the internet!).


I’m a photographer, a writer and a positive psychology based creativity coach.

I’m also a formerly stressed out basket case who used to own a 300-seat restaurant, raised toddler twins and took care of my husband through 7 orthopaedic surgeries at the same time. And, honestly, that's not even the half of it. 

Let’s just say I am no stranger to stress. 

I created The Life Feast after using creative photography and positive psychology to change my perspective, see things in a new way, while significantly reducing my own stress and amplifying the good in my life. 

Everything in The Life Feast has been my go-to solution for coping when my life has been a "haute mess" and what I use to celebrate when my life has been a joyous thrill ride. 

And I'd love to teach you how to savor, swoon and, most importantly, feast on your life!


The Life Feast is an online positive psychology program + creative photography class + supportive and humorous community (we laught a lot in the life feast).

The Life Feast happens online and “in the wild”. You will reduce stress, get back your time, be more mindful, and fall in love with your life.

🍴Life Feast is based in the rigorously researched, scientific study of positive psychology which is the science of flourishing, flow, resiliency, creativity and getting unstuck.

You don’t have to “guess” if what’s in The Life Feast will help you. It will.

🍴Step out of the carpool line and the work circus every once in a while and use creativity as a way to decrease burnout and increase happiness (in as little as 15 minutes!). 

🍴 You'll find 5 minutes of joy even on the days when life sucked the joy right out of it!

🍴It's mindfulness for anyone who has an aversion to 'mindfulness.' [cue eye rolls]

🍴It's the best social sandbox on the internet! Forget fighting on Facebook, Life Feast's private FB group is a supportive, creative and inspiring hub for kind people. You will be blown away by the inspiration inside.

Alethea Stone

Life Feast gave me something fun to do that was JUST FOR ME at a time when I ended up being extremely focused on what my three small children needed from me in the new world of distance learning. Thank you Lizzie! I can't wait to keep learning from you.  - Alethea Stone, working mom of 3 and Life Feaster

Life Feast features bite-sized “courses” (aka: lessons) on creativity, curiosity, awe, gratitude, play, adventure, flow, optimism, resilience and vitality.

Each “course” of The Life Feast is filled with ways to infuse your life with positive psychology through creativity and iPhone photography in less than 15 minutes.

Everything is recorded (it's even available as an app and a private podcast), so you can feast on the go!

This was made for busy people. I got you.





Photography can help you focus on a fresh perspective.

As photographer Dorothea Lange said, "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."

It gets you out of your mindless munching, stress-induced space and into a relaxed, peaceful and vibrant state. 

But don’t worry, no photography skills are required for The Life Feast. You don’t even need a camera, your phone is perfect for the feast. 


Photography, is both a creative habit and a positive psychology tool:

πŸ“· It sparks our creativity, even when we’re relegated to our same four walls or our own backyard.

πŸ“· It taps into our curiosity, especially when we’re stuck in midlife or mom malaise. 

πŸ“· It helps us appreciate, remember and savor what we don't want to forget in life.

πŸ“· Creative phone photography can be done on the fly. Anywhere. Anytime. It's accessible and easy. Our phone cameras are always with us! And you probably are already taking pictures.

Laura Rosenberg

Savoring, play + parade really resonate with me. I loved the lessons and then doing the prompts, there is just so much to say about how awesome this program is! What you say about being happier, more mindful, slowing down, savoring and the photo exercises really brings it home. And it keeps the whole slowing down piece in front of me. Life Feast has woken me up to the world! I’m not kidding - it has been POWERFUL!!!

Karen Goedert

Lizzie’s Life Feast is amazing!! I swear some of your life tips helped give me the courage to 

make a life change!! New job after ten years! You definitely were a part of giving me the courage to take the plunge! 

"At the time I signed up, I needed a boost of positivity. I was going through a tough time in my life, and honestly wasn’t sure how fully I’d be able to engage. 

But the Life Feast modules were quick and EFFECTIVE.

I started finding joy in every single day. I'd slow down, even just for a moment, to notice something beautiful. I started noticing all kinds of art in the everyday.

I use the tools in the Life Feast every single day and my camera roll is filled with ceiling selfies, slowtos, and playful photos.I couldn't love them more. Thank you, Lizzie! I love this program.  

"-Shea Cochran, working mom of two and life feaster



🍴If you want to get creative again!

Maybe you were creative as a kid or a teen and all that adulting you’ve been doing over the last 20 years has kind of squeezed the colors right out of the crayon box. If your soul’s crayon box looks the color of something the dog just spit up, you’ll love The Life Feast!

🍴If you’re tired of feeling like a professional emailer or Facebook scroller...

or a professional bill payer, or professional permission slip signer, or a professional carpool driver, professional social media scroller and professional text message answerer.

Basically, if you feel like you spend 90% of your life on the maintenance of everyone else’s lives, if that’s you, you’ll love The Life Feast.

Even if you’ve never felt creative in your whole life, if you love spreadsheets and numbers, don’t scroll on by, I’m pretty sure that just like the many lawyers, doctors, accountants and bankers who are in The Life Feast community, you’ll love it too.

Jennifer Maginnis

Last week I was in a Hallmark movie, this week I’m in an art show. Thank you, Lizzie Larock, for reminding me how important it is to dream big, how to take care of myself, and most of all help me remember who I am!!

Life Feast taught me I am happiest when I am being creative and engaging in the fun, not just orchestrating other people’s fun. - Jennifer Maginnis (working mom of two and a Life Feaster)

Life Feast Monthly


No contracts + No Commitments + Cancel Anytime

  • Life Feast framework for banning the guilt, being more mindful and falling in love with life's little moments.
  • Monthly joy boosting positive psychology life challenge
  • Life Lens photo + creativity prompts
  • Appy Hour & Monthly Feast community calls
  • The hidden 2-minute manual: how to take better photos on your iPhone.
  • Bonus digital declutter and photo library organizing workshop with guest expert.
  • Easy expert tricks to edit and enhance your photos in 5-minutes or less.
  • Private online forum (best sandbox on the internet!).

Take the hell out of self help. 

If you've read every self help book, tried (and failed) at meditation, or you light up at an inspirational quote - only to forget what it said moments later - Life Feast is for you. 

Carve more time for YOU, reduce your stress, and start really LIVING. This is an incredible group of women choosing to buck the status quo and do mid-life differently. 

It's the only program of its kind that not only shows you how to be more creative, specifically in photography, but it also opens up the doorway of possibility to all other areas of your life. 

Don’t wait another second -- start FEASTING on your life today! 

Emily Wilcox

Life Feast helped me out BIG TIME during the “shelter in place” order. You can’t juggle everything that has been going on - work, homeschooling, stress - and do it all perfectly! The F*ck perfectionism bonus helped me to accept successes even when they weren’t perfect. Life Feast saved my happiness! I looked into The Life Feast because of the photography, but decided to enroll because of the positive psychology. I’m so glad I did! - Emily Wilcox, working mom of two and life feaster

Life Feast Monthly


No contracts + No Commitments. Cancel at anytime.


Life Feast Annual


The Favorite! 2 months free, extra bonuses, year-round inspiration & a snail mail gift!