What the Photowalk is this all about?

Over 12,000 people have downloaded Lizzie's photowalk guide to focus on tiny moments of creative joy in life. Download your free guide right now.

This is the creative catapult you didn't know you needed to get out of your inbox and into your life.

A photowalk is a way to look for the good in life, a way to see life through a new lens, a creative lens, a lens that isn't only smudged with to do lists, mortgage payments, school pickups/drop offs, work deadlines and every other headache we might encounter in any given day. You only need a smartphone to do one (and let's face it, it's probably already in the palm of your hand).

We spend on average 4.5 hours a day on our phones - that's 9 years of life! This is a fantastic way to scroll less and create more. 

  • Over 50 creative smartphone photo prompts to get you out of your inbox and into your life (with plenty of creative examples).
  • A video tutorial explaining Smart Phone shooting techniques you've probably never heard of before (simple tips that require zero tech skills and will make your photos much more interesting!).
  • You can be inside, outside, cruising your cul-de-sac or 5000 miles into your bucket list and you'll have plenty of ideas to see life in a way you never have before! 
  • You can photowalk as a family or take some much needed solo time. You'll see life through a new lens, increase your creativity and connect with yourself or your loved ones in a more mindful way. 
  • No sourdough bread starter required. This is an accessible, fun and easy way to find 5-minutes of creativity without having 3 million more things to clean up in your house. 
  • Over 12,000 people have downloaded this free photowalk guide. Don't miss out on this.
YESSSSS, I'm so ready to try a photowalk!

Hey there! I'm Lizzie Larock,

creator of the online and "in the wild" programs: Life Feast, Gratitude Gravy, and the Curious Camera Photowalk Guide (12,000+ downloads!). 

I’m a photographer, a writer and a positive psychology based creativity coach.

I’m also a formerly stressed out basket case who, for 14 years, owned a 300-seat restaurant, raised twins and took care of my husband through 7 orthopaedic surgeries all at the same time. 

I'm no stranger to stress, and I've used photowalks for years to look for the good in life even on my time-starved or most difficult days. I can't wait to show you how to see life through a creative lens, too!


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