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What is The Life Feast? The Life Feast is the online experience where you will savor, swoon and sincerely fall in love with life's little moments. You'll use photography, a smidge of mindfulness and the science of positive psychology to shake up your usual routine, amplify what's working and experience life through a different lens. Curious? Good! Curiosity is a key ingredient for The Life Feast...

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Picasso

Why are we so dusty?

Most of us live our lives rushing our kids to every enrichment experience under the sun. Our own creative wellbeing is on the backburner (or not even on the stove!). This is like trying to nourish ourselves with a cardboard tasting meal replacement shake rather than treating ourselves to a 6-course full on decadent feast every once in a while. But don't worry, this course is full of flavor with ZERO calories ... more nourishing than keto, more fun than spin class ...

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." –Dorothea Lange

Dig into the Details

Each week, you’ll get a short (less than 20-minute) video with stories and inspiration from positive psychology, creativity, and photography. There are 7 creative and inspiring lessons in total (plus a whole bunch of bonus iPhone photo tip tutorials), and there's some catch-up time built in so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Each week you will also get Life Lens creative prompts for you to apply  to your everyday life. These are bite-sized photography and mini mindfulness or get out and play prompts. All are meant to help you savor life and welcome in some new adventures.

You do not need to have any experience as a photographer to enjoy this experience. No need to miss out on this crazy fun experience for fear that you won't be "good enough". That's not what this is about.

The Life Feast is for anyone who wants to turn off Netflix, get out of their usual routine, infuse a little creativity into their day-to-day and be inspired in ANY area of life. 

The Life Feast is all play, zero pressure.

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to The Life Feast intro video module all about why we need to feast on our lives, what exactly positive psychology is, and how to practice a growth mindset (it's a crucial tool for creativity). 

Let's Dig In!  For your convenience, these modules are all online, you can watch at whatever time works for you! (The Life Feast is made for busy people)

Amuse Bouche:
 Module 1. The science and stories behind why we're not already feasting on our lives and the simple (surprising) way to savor our lives.

Module 2 Appetizer: The Art of Awareness
Mindfulness and Miksang photography
Would you have stopped to hear the music? This module shares some fascinating studies that you've probably not read before on mindfulness, curiosity and creativity, why it's more important than you realized and gives a simple tool for getting better at the art of awareness in the everyday.  

 (this will be a live class at 5pm MT in our Zoom Room). It's optional and if you can't be there live, you will get a recording of it.

Module 3
Greens: Slow, flow and savor
In this module we'll learn how to slow down, how to get into the FLOW state and savor the good in our lives (this module also explains the scientific importance of it all). You'll use your camera to practice creative ways to integrate more slow, flow and savoring into your life.

Module 4
Entree: Flip your Focus and the Curious Camera
You'll learn the science and stories behind why curiosity is key to a yummy life feast and you'll have a creative assignment to help you flip your focus in your life and in your lens. This tool makes all the difference when life gets all "lifey" on us...

Module 5
Aperitif: Play + parade
Life is not a spectator sport. In this module, you'll be inspired to get in the game more, be playful and color outside the lines. Forgotten how to play? Don't worry, I've got some creative photo ideas to get you playing, again.

Module 6
Fromage: Adventure, serendipity and leaving our comfort zones
Adventures are a great training ground for getting us out of our comfort zones. And all the good stuff in life usually lies just outside of our comfort zone. If you want to put a dent in the universe and not just your couch cushions, this module is for you! And, yes, of course, you'll get a creative prompt that will playfully get you out of your comfort zone this week...

Module 7
La Dolce Vita!: Awe
Awe is the holy grail experience for life feasters. You'll learn what life conditions are necessary for awe, what the "right amount" of awe actually is (yes there's actually a right amount), how to not miss out on awe and wonder (the advice in here might surprise you), and ways to amp up the everyday awe in everyday life. 

You'll finish the feast with tips and tricks to continue to implement all of this into your daily life.

You'll also get bonus photo tips from how to shoot in portrait mode on your phone to creative techniques like how to shoot from the hip. You'll also get behind the scenes videos of how I find interesting subjects to take photos of and how I make my photos visually interesting. I also answer all of your camera questions in the private forum.

How to take better photos of your family and your life BONUS!

There's also a BIG BONUS class on how to take better pictures of everything: your family, your pet, your life (composing, lighting, editing tips/hacks/techniques).

Your photos won't look like the average snapshot after The Life Feast --> you'll love the result!

You don't need any special camera equipment, either!

The only camera you need is the one you always have with you. Your phone is a perfect tool for this course.

The photography prompts will help you see the world in a different way. To open up your eyes a bit wider and notice what's already around you.

1.2 trillion photos will be taken this year - let's make them a bit more meaningful than snapshots of our lunch. 

You do need curiosity ... and a smidge of playfulness won't hurt.

Perfectionism is a killjoy and there's no room for it in The Life Feast. We will love life in all of its messiness. Because, I promise you, it's all material for growth or art, or both. There's poetry in every moment and imperfect first drafts waiting to be born. We will love on both! 

Our motto comes from one of my favorite creative minds, James Victore, "FECK PERFUCTION!". 

Pull up a Chair! Sit, feast on your Life!

This 7-week online experience is just $147 That's 7-weeks of positive psychology inspiration, creative photography prompts and iPhone photography tips! If you want to get unstuck, savor and create in 2020, sign up, below and don't delay, take advantage of the bonuses and get ready to feast on your life!

"The Life Feast is, by far, the most fun and engaging class I have taken in a long time! I didn't realize before taking The Life Feast how much I have been running through life and missing in the every day. Through the work and the community in The Life Feast, I have become more present, more creative and happier. I now see and can appreciate amazing things in my every day that I never noticed before. Thank you, Lizzie, for sharing your talent and creating this amazing course. It is a true feast for a happier, more meaningful life. -Laura Rosenberg "

Laura Rosenberg

"Last week I was in a Hallmark movie, this week I’m in an art show. Thank you, Lizzie Larock, for reminding me how important it is to dream big, how to take care of myself, and most of all help me remember who I am!! You taught me I am happiest when I am being creative and engaging in the fun, not just orchestrating other people’s fun."

Jennifer Maginnis

"That’s what I love about this course. It just makes me think I should play more. I’ve been the spectator mom. I’m engaged with my kids, but I’m not the one who plays and now I’m having a sleepover with my 9 year old in the backyard tonight. I have barely touched my phone since I started this course. I’ve taken less pictures, but I’ve been more attuned to life and more engaged. I keep noticing these pink flowers blooming around town that I’m pretty sure I never would’ve noticed them before. I’m much more thoughtful and intentional in my decisions. I don’t have tons of great pictures to share, but the two that I have are awesome and I love them."


"Just listened to your last 2 classes. Just wanted to tell you - I LOVED them! You are a great teacher of creativity and positive psychology. I'm so inspired right now."


"When my family and I went to Europe last spring, I found myself doing weird things with my camera I never would’ve thought of doing before. And I know it was from taking your class. I loved the reminder to stop and look at things differently. To not just take everything for granted. Lizzie, your energy is so boundless, and I wanted that positive vibe in my life. I'm so glad I took The Life Feast."

Boatie Ward

"I’ve always been interested in photography. Lizzie opened my eyes to looking up, looking down, looking at horizontal or diagonal lines. When we drove 7 hours to my son's tournament, I had the best time noticing the fence lines in the car. The Life Feast made, what's usually a very boring trip, into a very creative experience."

Susan Geeslin

"The information you give on positive psychology is really sticking with me in an impactful way. I’m really enjoying the class! I’m also loving the photography tips. "

Gina Wither

"You are like the Kyle Cease of creativity and positive psychology. So funny & so spot on. "


"I first want to say thank you so much for the life feast! I really, really enjoyed the moments away from everyday life. It felt good to slow down and savor the beauty that surrounds me every day. Now that it’s over, I miss seeing everyone’s beautiful artwork and I miss your spunky, upbeat, zest for life, Lizzie. "

Shea Cochran

"It was so easy for me to get out of my daily rut with just a little bit of instruction. I mean seriously, why couldn’t I do that on my own? The Life Feast has been the catalyst to stop sitting on the sidelines. I started painting, I even called about guitar lessons … for me! If you are craving a creative boost in your life, you must stop and take this class. It’s all online and very interactive."

Kristen Burris

"I decided to challenge myself and take a new job after ten years! The Life Feast was definitely a part of giving me the courage to take the plunge! "

Karen Goedert


You'll also get these swoon worthy bonuses!

Photo Tips!

You'll learn how to use all of the camera features on your iPhone, how to compose better pictures with any camera, and learn some simple editing tools to make your photos look amazing. 

Overcoming Perfectionism!

This bonus will kick your inner creative critic to the curb. Perfectionism is so pervasive, we know this bonus module will be a game changer for every area of your life.

Photos from Previous Students

Take a look at the images created by previous Life Feasters. These are all students who did not have much photography experience before participating in The Life Feast.

Lizzie LaRock

I'm Lizzie LaRock - I'm a writer, photographer and positive-psychology based coach. I've used these exact tools to change my perspective, see things in a new way and charge up my life. These have been my go-to solutions for when my life has been a "haute mess" and also for when it's been a thrill ride. And I'd love to help you savor, swoon and, most importantly, feast on your life ...

Photo Tips

These are just a handful of the 2-minute tutorials you'll get inside of The Life Feast. You'll get even more.

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