How to Make a Dreamy Digital Collage with ProCreate and Heather Reardon

Dreamy Digital Collage Workshop with Heather Reardon in The Life Feast this week:

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 at 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST
We’re so fortunate to have our very own Life Feast member, Heather Reardon, teaching a Dreamy Digital Collage Workshop inside of The Life Feast this month.

This is part two to our Dream Big workshop earlier this month on numerology and dream interpretation. 
In the Dreamy Digital Collage workshop, Heather will show us how to take the meaningful images we conjured up from our future selves and turn them into digital heARTwork for the soul.

If you missed that workshop, no worries! You can still enjoy this one. 
You do not need prior ProCreate experience to enjoy this workshop with Heather, just a little curiosity and willingness to give it a go.
***You will want to download the ProCreate app ahead of time either on an iPad or iPhone.
If you are an Android user, there are alternatives that you can play around with. Heather will specifically be teaching us in ProCreate, but her artwork and ideas will inspire you no matter what tool you are using. 
She's going to show us some of her ProCreate shortcuts plus her tips and tricks for using this robust tool, but, more importantly, you'll also see how Heather approaches unfamiliar creative endeavors with curiosity and ease.
I'm a huge fan of Heather's and, if you haven't met her, or seen her work, yet, you will soon be a fan, too!
This workshop is available live for all Life Feast members. The recording will also be available to all current members. You can join The Life Feast right => here.


About Heather Reardon

Heather is a star life feast member (my words - not hers - because she’s way too humble to admit her stardom). She is a life long learner, a longtime photographer, a creative and, now, an emerging ProCreate artist.

Heather has been a member of The Life Feast since January 2021 and has tried (dare I say PERFECTED) every wild creative assignment I have given in The Life Feast. She’s enlisted her husband, her mom, her daughters and a slew of extended family members in our photo and positive psychology prompts over the past two years. 

Heather’s willingness to be playful, brave, and inspire others, never ceases to amaze me. 

Like many of us, she fell in love with photography through documenting her daughters when they were little, but years later, her passion went well beyond the birthday party photos to composing creative shots with shadows, shapes and nature. 

A year ago, Heather stumbled upon ProCreate and began using it as a tool to create even more incredible digital art with her photography. 

In true “Heather" style, she challenged herself to making one procreate drawing a day for a month, no matter how messy the process felt. At the end of the month, she shared her progress with us inside of The Life Feast. Not surprisingly, her results were outstanding. And now she's ready to teach us this creative digital tool.

Heather lives in Massachusetts and, prior to having children, was a speech pathologist for young children. These days, when Heather isn’t mastering every digital creative app in the Apple store or taking photos inside of The Life Feast, she’s either working at her local Botanic Gardens, selling her lovely artwork on cards and stationery or spending quality time with her husband and daughters. 


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