About Lizzie

Hi there. I'm Lizzie LaRock, a writer/photographer/coach based in Colorado where I live with my husband of 20 years, our identical twin 13-year old daughters and our pooch, Luna.

I've been a certified Martha Beck life coach through Martha Beck International (yes, THE Martha Beck of Oprah fame) since 2011. I'm also an applied Positive Psychology Practitioner certified in 2017 from The Flourishing Center in New York City.

I work with clients one-on-one (both over the phone, with video chat and in person), I coach small groups and I lead creativity and positive psychology workshops both online and in my Colorado studio. 

I've been a photographer for over 29 years. I started back in the dark ages room with black and white film, a sleeve of negatives, an enlarger, a red light and that heart stopping excitement that only came from seeing a photograph come to life in a bath of developer.

I now lovingly embrace the digital era with the occasional longing for the analog version. I shoot with a Canon 5DSR, an iphone, and an instax. 

I've been a story teller my entire life. From regaling my family with my entertaining tales to creating humorous and helpful articles, keynotes and blog posts and ghost writing for big (and little) name authors. I am happy to consider meaningful and collaborative projects.

I also teach writing through my online courses and would love to have you in an upcoming workshop. 

Creativity Courses
I teach online and in-person creativity courses and workshops using photography, creative writing, mindfulness and applied positive psychology tools. My signature course, The Life Feast starts in September 2020. Head over here to find out all about it!


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