Here's Why You Need a 365 Everyday Photo Diary ... (with Byron Wolfe)

photo credits: Byron Wolfe from Everyday, a yearlong photo diary

What if for the next 365 days you took one photo of your life everyday?

Snippets of real life, love and loss, not just snapshots for your own personal social media highlight reel.

Before everyone and their breakfast wallpapered the internet, before we all carried around a camera in the palm of our hand, photographer Byron Wolfe, challenged himself to this daily photographic practice to see his daily life through a different lens.

He had to take one interesting and compelling photo a day between his 35th and 36th birthdays.

This was 21 years ago.

Between grading papers at work, changing diapers at home and "date nights" with his wife at the grocery store, he didn't have time to take one “compelling”picture a month let alone one

No, he didn't pack a bag and summit Everest in order to catalog the world's best scenery for the glossiest version of his photographic diary.

Instead, the vistas were of his dining room table, the dishes in the kitchen sink, unmade beds, the window on the day of his grandmother’s funeral, the windshield of his car after a difficult day at work, playtime antics with his young children.

He set out to document his daily life in all its unexpected beauty and mundane detail.

And what surprised him the most, is how the beautiful and the mundane turned out to be one and the same. 

I've been a fan of Byron's work for over 16 years.

My copy of his book (pictured above) is well-worn and well-loved as it's been on my shelf for over 16 years.

He’s coming to The Life Feast - this Wednesday, January 25th to talk about how we can find a deeper relationship to ourselves and our loved ones through a simple practice everyday of photography.

His photos are collected all over, he’s been in major publications like NY Times and major museums like the Getty.

He’ll be giving an exclusive workshop in the Life Feast on Wed! Recording available if you sign up after Jan 25th.

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Everyday was first published in hardcover by Chronicle Books in 2007. You can purchase Everyday: A Yearlong Photo Diary by Byron Wolfe right => here

About Byron Wolfe
Byron's photographs have appeared in Harpers Magazine, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Orion magazine, and more. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, a co-recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Award for Still Photography, and a recipient of the Santa Fe Prize for Photography for his Everyday project. His work is in over thirty permanent collections around the world including The George Eastman Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Getty, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Byron is the Art Department Chair at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You can find out more about Byron at

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