Abra-CAMERA-Dabra! Dive into Phyllis Lane's FLOWtography: Magical Photography & Creativity

Buckle up Creative Buttercups...

Because we're about to embark on a wild ride that'll blow your pragmatic, practical, oh so efficient and logical mind wide open!

Say hello to the one and only Phyllis Lane—pro photographer extraordinaire by day, and a mystical creative alchemist by night.

Her style is an infusion of creative and photographic FLOW that'll leave you wondering if you accidentally stepped into a parallel universe.

Better than Netflix, scrolling instagram, paying bills, shuttling kids to the pool, working your tail off or swatting mosquitos away this July...

Are you ready for this crazy creative adventure with Phyllis? 
Yes, you are!

Because no matter what the project is (personal or professional), Phyllis is absolutely committed to listening to the moment calls for (it often calls for dancing!). Allowing the moment to speak to her, making room for magic.

Breaking the Rules (and Shot Lists!):

Phyllis Lane doesn't play by the usual camera rules. She's been shaking up the luxury advertising photography scene for decades with her jaw-dropping skills.

But unlike most pros, she doesn't give a shoot about shot lists or following a pre-written script with her assignments.

Phyllis is all about throwing caution to the wind and letting the creative moment take over.

It's creative alchemy, and the results? Pure magic.

Where the artist meets mystic:

Phyllis believes that the path of the artist and the mystic go hand in hand. Phyllis is going to take us on a wild journey where we'll explore soul maturance, breaking out of boxes, and creating art out of the symphony of everyday life: highs, lows and every note in between.

We'll dive into the juicy details of Phyllis's remarkable career, including her heART work with Carlos Santana, Julia Cameron or her professional work with Starbucks and Nike (to name a few).

Join the creative party with Lizzie, The Life Feasters & Phyllis!

Want to join us? I know you are ready to inject some serious creativity into your life. And this is THE best place to start. 

Well throw on your best Zoom attire (or your favorite comfies and get ready for an unforgettable creative conversation and workshop with the one and only Phyllis Lane.

We'll be cracking open the secrets of soulful artistry, busting through creative blocks, and laughing our way to artistic bliss. 

It's all happening on Thursday, July 6, 2023, at 5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET.
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Miss the live shindig?

No worries! We'll have the recording ready for you to watch on Friday. Plus, The Life Feast is only $39 to join, and you can cancel anytime. Who said creativity can't be an easy YES?

If you are ready to reconnect with your soul, and set your imagination on fire, then don't you dare miss the chance to meet the fabulous Phyllis Lane! We have your spot saved at The Life Feast.  SIGN UP  => HERE


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About Phyllis Lane
Phyllis Lane is a visionary artist, photographer, intuitive coach-mentor, author, creativity coach and life style model. Known for her cutting edge photographic creativity, her camera has taken her all around the world for over two decades, shooting for top brands, fashion, celebrities, luxury weddings, and fine art. She's worked with everyone from Carlos Santana to Starbucks.

She graduated high school at 16 years of age, with the intent of going to Juilliard for classical piano, but life had other plans.

Instead of a career composing music, Phyllis traveled to 25 countries before she was 25 as a model, then discovered the world of photography while modeling in Tokyo. She’s an artist and entrepreneur, one of her patented photo products even ended up on Oprahs O list.  

She is the author of two books, 10000 Hours You Become What You Practice, and Surrender to the Flow.
Phyllis thrives off of spontaneous creativity and helps others to go beyond the thinking mind and tap into the Flow for a unique spin on FLOWtography.

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