Steamboat Photo Camp 2019 with Lizzie Larock

What is photo camp all about?
In photo camp, we’ll focus on how to “make” pictures instead of just “take” pictures.

We’ll chase light, create the abstract out of the every day and find new ways to see the world through the camera lens.

We’ll make the ordinary extraordinary using different angles, lighting and exposure settings.

We’ll also get the photos out of the digital camera and onto the wall!

We’ll conclude the summer session with a first Friday artwalk on September 6th at my downtown studio. In order to participate in the art show, your child must have attended 4 individual sessions.

Kids will also get one take-home print per session. In order to maximize our good light, summer events and time, we won’t be printing every single session, so if your child is going to miss the printing party, I will make the print for your child (of his/her choosing) and you can pick it up at my studio.

Balloon Rodeo photo by Shamus Davenport

Each session is 4 hours long, times will vary depending on the activity and daylight. Your 4 sessions do not need to be in a row, pick and choose the dates that work for you. I will offer 1 makeup class in September for 10-session kids who have to miss a session.

What your child will learn:

Exposure, composition, creative shooting techniques, perspective, angles and how to best capture light. We’ll learn how to shoot better with our phones and our DSLRs. We’ll understand the difference between “taking” pictures and “making” pictures. I’ll be teaching your kids how to use curiosity and a growth mindset to increase their innovation and creativity. Your child will also be encouraged to use the creative process to develop and articulate their own signature photographic style to make original artwork.

Who this is for:

This is for the adolescent or teen who is passionate about photography. Your child has shown an interest in the art of taking pictures and is excited to learn tools to improve their images. It’s certainly a helpful plus if they’ve taken photography with me in the past, but it’s not a pre-requisite. Ages 12-16. If you do not have a DSLR camera, let me know. I have 3 that I can loan out during our sessions. 

photo camper collage by Lizzie

PRICE (you can pay by check: Larock Star Creative, LLC , pay via venmo or pay via credit card using the links below):

$75 for an individual session (This does not include participation in the First Friday Artwalk show).

$260 for 4 sessions (they do not need to be in a row. This includes one-two pieces in the First Friday Artwalk)

$485 for 8 sessions (they do not need to be in a row. This includes two pieces in the First Friday Artwalk. This also includes 1 60-minute private editing session at my studio)

Register for what sessions your child is interested in here

*Sessions do not need to be in a row, you do need to have attended 4 sessions throughout the summer to participate in the First Friday Artwalk on September 6 (the artwalk does not count as a session and there's no charge for participating in it).


Tuesday, June 11 (10:00am - 2:00pm)

Camera & composition + downtown/river photo walk

Saturday, June 15 (9:00am - 1:00pm)
Mustang show and shine shoot)

WAITLIST: Tuesday, June 18 (4:30pm-8:30pm) 
Fish Creek Falls

Wednesday, June 26 (8:30am - 12:30pm)
(2 spots left) Fetcher Pond & Botanical Gardens

Friday, June 28 (5:30pm-9:30pm)
(1 spot left) Steamboat Pro Rodeo

Saturday, July 13 (6am-11am)
WAITLIST: Balloon Rodeo launch at Bald Eagle Lake

WAITLIST: Tuesday, July 16 (4:30pm-9:30pm)
Dumont Lake Wildflowers and Rabbit Ears sunset

WAITLIST: Wednesday, July 24 (5pm - 9pm)
Barns of Steamboat

WAITLIST: Tuesday, July 30 (6pm-10:00pm)
Sleeping Giant, Stars & S'mores

WAITLIST: Friday, September 6
(First Friday Artwalk Photo Show in my studio 4pm-8:00pm - must have done 4 sessions. This is free. It does not count as a class)

WAITLIST: Saturday, September 28 (12pm-4pm)
Fall colors on Buffalo Pass

Dumont Lake/Rabbit Ears photoshoot

Included in each 4-session package: photo instruction, editing lessons, 8 enlarged prints (2 per session) on archival paper, inclusion of 1-2 prints (depending on how many students we have) in the First Friday Artwalk on September 6, 2019. 8-session packages include 1 additional 60-minute private editing session at the studio.

(your child does not need to do 4 or 8 in a row).
Please note that times and locations may need to change slightly depending on the event or the weather. 

Want to know what we'll be doing in each class and see photo examples from last year? Read on...

Camera & Composition
Tuesday, June 11

In this class, we'll go over camera foundations such as how to manually set exposure (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) and we'll learn how to compose great photos. We'll shoot photos around downtown Steamboat to practice the techniques.

*If your child has never taken a photo class with me or if your child wants to continue improving skills on a DSLR camera, this foundation class is highly recommended.

Along the Yampa, photo by Lizzie Larock

(water dripping off of the library roof, Lizzie Larock)

Farmer's Market photo by Xander Tatar Brown

downtown photo walk, Lizzie Larock

Mustang Roundup
Saturday, June 15th

In this class, we'll do the downtown Mustang car show and shine. We'll take abstract photos, shoot through rear view mirrors and find interesting and colorful angles.

Mustang show & shine, self-portrait photo by Ryanne Catterson

self-portrait at Mustang Show & Shine, photo by Xander Tatar-Brown

Catherine cruising through the Mustang show and shine

WAITLIST: Fish Creek Falls

Tuesday, June 18th

In this class, we'll take photos at Fish Creek Falls. We'll capture the falls and the surrounding aspen trees. We'll learn slow shutter photography to make the water look velvety both on a DSLR and on an iPhone. We'll use some creative techniques in the surrounding aspen groves to get some interesting photos. Last year we found a swarm of compliant moths and butterflies and got some great shots of those winged creatures, as well.

slow shutter photography lesson (on an iPhone) at Fish Creek Falls

moth at Fish Creek Falls, Sean Davenport

Crazy zoom aspen at Fish Creek Falls, Livi Kocik

Grace Johnston shooting the aspen at a creative angle at Fish Creek Falls

Fetcher Pond & Botanical Gardens
Wednesday, June 26

We'll start at Fetcher Pond to get some interesting water reflections, then we'll head over to the Botanical Gardens to get a variety of floral and stream shots.

Botanical Gardens photo by Tomás Niedermeier

Botanical Gardens, photo by Livi Kocik

Botanical Gardens photo by Xander Tatar Brown

Friday, June 28th
5:30pm - 9:30pm

In this class, we'll take action photography to a new level with cowboys, clowns and all kinds of rodeo shenanigans. We'll learn how to freeze action as well as how to slow it down and create motion blurs. We'll also walk around the stables and get some behind the scenes horse shots before the rodeo begins.

Rodeo, Sean Davenport

Rodeo behind the scenes, Maggie Wilson

Rodeo behind the scenes, Lizzie Larock

Balloon Rodeo
Saturday, July 13th

This is an early shoot, but well worth it! If you've never seen the balloon launch, it's spectacular. There are so many colors and shapes at various stages in the sky. You also can capture interesting glow shots as you watch the balloons inflate. The balloons then fly over Bald Eagle Lake making for picture perfect reflection shots. Morning light is always stunning and it's photographic gold. 

Balloon rodeo launch, photo by Ryanne Catterson

Balloon rodeo launch, photo by Grace Brice

Balloon Rodeo launch, photo by Shamus Davenport

WAITLIST: Dumont Lake Wildflowers and Rabbit Ears sunset
Tuesday, July 16
4:30pm - 9:30pm 

For this class, we head up to Dumont Lake and photograph the wildflowers in the surrounding area. Last year, we attempted ripple effect water shots, as well. Then as we drive back into town, we're usually treated to spectacular sunsets over Lake Catamount. 

Dumont Lake, photo by Xander Tatar Brown

Rabbit Ears sunset (of Lake Catamount), photo by Tomás Niedermeier

Making a splash at Dumont Lake

Base of Rabbit Ears flower, photo by Xander Tatar Brown

More fun at Dumont Lake 

Barns of Steamboat

Wednesday, July 24th

Barns of Steamboat, photo by Grace Johnston

Barns of Steamboat photo shoot, Grace Johnston

Barns of Steamboat, photo by Shamus Davenport

Barns of Steamboat, photo by Xander Tatar Brown

Barn photo shoot

Sleeping Giant, Stars, Painting with Light & S’mores

Tuesday, July 30th

Photos of Sleeping Giant then evening photos of star trails plus s'mores at Lizzie’s house. After dark, we'll work on our low light night photography skills and take slow shutter photos of star trails. We'll also use artificial light to paint our surroundings for interesting effects.

We did not have a stars night last year at photo camp, so this image is borrowed from Rick Berk

Sunset photo shoot

Buff Pass
Saturday, Sept 28th

After summer has ended, we'll drive up to Buffalo Pass to take photos of the gorgeous golden aspen leaves. 

fall colors, photo by Annie Hagar

fall colors, photo by Annie Hagar

First Friday Art Walk*
Friday, September 6, 2019
*this is included for all kids who take at least 4 sessions.

(Mustang Roundup Photo Inspiration)

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