Episode 4: Here's How to be a moFLOW in order to live a Flourishing Life (get into FLOW!)

When was the last time you felt in the zone or fully absorbed doing something that challenged and thrilled you? Can't remember? Then this episode is for you. The Flow state (in positive psychology) is one of the 5 ways to flourish in life. This isn't about "going with the flow" it's about "getting into flow", the flow state specifically.

In this podcast, Lizzie gives you humorous stories and practical science-backed tips for why flow is important and how to add more to your life. Did you know that those who were in the flow state more often during spring quarantined fared better than even those who practiced mindfulness?

Listen in for the full scoop (and scope) on flow. Research from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and others.


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