Episode 5: Step up your walks to skyrocket creativity & connection

Did you know that a few little tweaks to your walking can boost your brain power, skyrocket your creativity and help you feel more connected in your relationships?

You might soak up life's little details along the way and decrease your inflammation while staring at a rainbow. In this jam packed episode, Lizzie gives you 7 different types of walks (several you've probably NEVER heard of) to boost your brainpower, increase creativity and feel more connected in your relationships. Plus, experience all the usual benefits of a walking habit. Listen in to step up your walking (all puns intended) with science-backed research, funny stories and down-to-earth tips. Want to know the perfect kind of walk to boost your memory, calm your stress, generate new ideas or to decrease your inflammation? It's all inside!

A few of the walks mentioned: passagietta, flanerie (or flaneuring), awe walks, novelty walks, meditative walks, photo walks with favorites from Baudelaire, Nietsche, Thoreau, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh and others.

Research from Kelly McGonigal's Joy of Movement, John J. Ratey's Spark, John Medina's Brain Rules. 

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