Episode 7: Why your stress needs a mindful watercolor break in the middle of the day...

In the middle of her most stressed-out years as a corporate marketing executive (while also in grad school at night getting her MBA), Volta Voloshin-Smith chose a rather radical solution to ease her crazy corporate days ...

She started watercolor painting at her desk during her lunch break!

Her setup was far from fancy. 

Her paint set was from the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx.

Her paper was 3x5 index cards (the only thing she had handy from her stash of MBA study supplies).

Her uninspiring location was the corporate cafeteria.

She had zero training as a watercolor artist.

But she decided to throw caution to the wind and put some color on paper.

As a lifelong meditator and mindfulness practitioner, Volta started making the connection with how calm and at ease she felt with her watercolors at lunchtime.

And she fell in love with a simple meditative practice from Zen Buddhist calligraphers and brought it into her quick watercolor breaks.

Her co-workers took note and started begging her to let them join in the lunch hour fun.

And they LOVED this little "snack" of creative calm in the middle of a stressful work day.

From there, Volta's companies, Color Snack and Creative Calm were born! 

Volta Voloshin-Smith has led corporate creative calm meditative watercolor workshops for the most unlikely of corporate executives from companies like Frito-Lay and Home Depot.

And artists and non-artists alike agree that what Volta teaches is one of the BEST and easiest ways to decompress stress. 

And she's coming to The Life Feast Membership on Tuesday, February 27th at 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET. She'll be teaching her mindful watercolor practice to our Life Feast members and community students. BYOW (bring your own watercolors) and enjoy this lifelong stress-relief practice that is so much easier and more effective than you think...

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About Volta Voloshin-Smith
Volta Voloshin-Smith helps corporate teams and private groups feel calm and connected through creative and meditative workshops.

Her signature workshop, Watercolor Meditation, combines breathing techniques with simple brush marks to reduce stress and prevent burnout. 
Originally from Moldova, Volta adds vibrancy to food through illustrations and brings brands to life with live painting and memorable animations. Her clients include Home Depot, Meta, Michaels, and others. 
Host of the Calm and Creative podcast, she frequently makes TV appearances to discuss the benefits of art for mental health. 
She has been featured in D Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Create Magazine and others. And she is frequently interviewed on the topics of creativity, entrepreneurship and mindset.
Volta is author of the whimsical how-to book, Watercolor Snacks, and co-author of Art+Affirmations, a creativity journal book with prompts to explore and live a creative life.
You can connect with Volta here:
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