Episode 9: Healing Ourselves through Vintage Photo Embroidery with Juliana Naufel

In this episode of The Life Feast podcast, host Lizzie Larock chats with guest Juliana Naufel, an art therapist, artist, photographer, and the co-founder of Photo Trouvee Magazine. They dive into the world of vintage photo embroidery, discussing its therapeutic benefits, Juliana's journey with this unique form of art, and how it's utilized in personal growth and expression. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone interested in blending creativity with their own healing journey of letting their more empowered version of themselves be heard. To join The Life Feast and enjoy this live workshop with Juliana Naufel, sign up => https://larockstarcreative.com/life-feast To find out more about Juliana Naufel, to buy her book, her fine artwork or to subscribe to Photo Trouvee magazine, visit her website: https://www.naufss.com/


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