Did you give up all of your interests in adulthood for the 3 P's?

What did you used to love to do?

Did you draw?
Did you dance?
Did you paint?
Did you sing?

I used to dance as a groovy chicken circa 1979/80, but I gave up art at age 22.

I was a working girl.
A newly minted adult.

I was a Professional, a few years later I got married and became a Partner, not long after that I became a Parent. I gave up creativity and all outside interests because doesn't adulting mean we are required to give it all up when we hit those 3 P milestones?

Maybe we add in a 4th P and call that fulfillment …. Peloton. Or a 5th, Planner, as in planning everything for everyone in our lives, planning the summer camp, the school activities, the dinners, the bake sales. Or a 6th P: Philanthropy. Worthy only if we are giving everything we’ve got. This is what is normalized in this culture. Give until your cup is bone dry … and unless it’s exercise, feel guilty for having fun unless you are taking care of the other p’s that society approves of.

It's bullshit.

Why do we give up what makes us feel whole and alive to just feel depleted and stressed all the time?

It’s women’s history month. Let’s normalize not only celebrating those who shaped our history, but also the ones who are bucking the status quo. Let’s normalize getting to know what we love in life (or used to love) and dive in to those pursuits UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

We are better moms when we take care of ourselves, more loving partners when we aren’t exhausted.

We are innovative and impactful professionals when we give ourselves downtime for creative self care and play time...

So get dancing, my friends. Pick up that paintbrush or pen. Take a photograph. Remember what used to make you come alive and do it - no guilt. No apologies.



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