Do you know why January feels like the longest month of the year?

Did you know January is known as the looooongggest month of the year?

Ok arguably, at 31 days, it's actually not longer than December or August, but without all of the holiday hoopla or sunny summer days, it feels long!

And the joyless January feeling actually is so common, that, yesterday, was not only the revered MLK Day, but, to psychologists, it's also known as BLUE Monday. 

Between the holiday credit card bill, a lot less sunshine, a fall off of resolutions (hello ice cream!) and all the twinkly lights tucked away ... January can feel longer than any other month.

But I've got the antidote. 

It'll calm your mind, invigorate your spirit and help you feel more JOY.

It's part positive psychology pep talk, part creativity, part journal, and it's exactly what mid-winter January blahs call for.

Life Feast Guest Expert Workshop on 1/19/23
3 Tools to Find Your JOY and Thrive in January (and all year long) with Jennifer King Lindley
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We'll cultivate self-compassion, try on purpose as the new happiness hack and train ourselves to overcome our (very loud) negativity bias. Who isn't looking for ways to spark more joy in life (seriously, I want to know ;-)?

If you need to spice up your year to spark more joy, this is going to be a Life Feast workshop you don't want to miss.

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Lizzie Larock
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About Jennifer King Lindley
Jennifer King Lindley is an award-winning writer and author. Her book,
Find Your Joy, A Powerful Self-Care Journal to Help You Thriveis a must-have for your bedside table and your morning routine. 
She has written about positive psychology for national magazines such as Real Simple, O, the Oprah Magazine, Parents, Martha Stewart Living, Health. You'll love her humorous and engaging style while she synthesizes the science into simple, actionable tools to boost our joy in the Life Feast for 2023.

Cautionary tale: me in January, when I forget my positive psychology tools, oh irony! Don't forget to join the Life Feast => here. 


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