Picturing Joy with photographer George Lange (and LL Cool J, LL's grandmother and Paul Simon!)


"In my career, I've made an art out of creating experiences that I get to photograph. People are always surprised when I say I don't care that much about what something looks like. I want my photos to reflect what I feel more than what I see." - George Lange

For George, every picture is a reimagining of the pure joy he felt growing up in Pittsburgh holding his first camera at the age of 7. Those of us who have loved photography our whole lives (and who grew up with those quintessential Kodak moments, begging to be the one who would accidentally cut everyone's heads off in the group shot), probably remember holding that prized family camera, as well!

But George's photographic fascination went way beyond childhood and his first photography jobs out of art school were for heavy hitters like Annie Leibovitz and Duane Michals (my hero!). 

But being a lead assistant wasn't what he was called to do. George had his own ideas of what he wanted to capture and...

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Tap into wonder: how to create a photographic conversation with Casie Zalud

Casie's photo on the left (running feet), Linnéa's photo (dog whiskers) on the right

A few years ago, A Day in the Life photographer, Casie Zalud, came to a crossroads in her work. Her photography felt stale, stagnant and a little too literal. She was looking all around for inspiration, then it dawned on her that inspiration was right in front of her all along. 

On a whim, Casie gave an old, inexpensive digital camera to her then 6-year old daughter, Linnéa, and from there, the Relinquish mother/daughter photgraphic conversation project was born. 

Linnéa's pint-size self-esteem could fill the frame and then some. Her 6-year old perspective was clean, simple and undeterred by the demands of the every day. 

As any self-assured child would, Linnéa took the creative lead on the project and taught Casie the merits of handing over the reins to her capable 6 year old hands, slowing down,...

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