Do you know what horses can teach you about creativity, self-care and stress?

Are you ready to meet and have your life changed by one of the most extraordinary creatives out there? She's a poet, a self-help author, a photographer, leadership coach and (of course) a cowgirl! And she's one of my favorite humans on the planet. Let me introduce you to: Beth Anstandig.

Beth calls herself "a noticer of things".

She notices the way an orange peel can become poetry.
She notices the subtle shifts in the space between horses.
She notices the art of barbed wire, the beauty in a shadow and the healing power of a hug with a four-legged friend.
And she notices how humans have become so adept at swapping stress for self-care, busy-ness for being, and productivity over prioritizing basic needs, that we don't even notice how much it's affecting our relationships and our wellbeing.

In her Natural Leadership work, Beth has guided heavy hitters from Google, Facebook, Adobe and many other leaders of today in how to slow down and use the wisdom of horses (and the practice of noticing) to have better relationships with themselves and others.

And, this Wednesday, April 27, Beth is coming to The Life Feast as a guest workshop leader! Sign up => here before Wednesday 4/27.

We're thrilled to have her back. She's one of the original Life Feast members who shared her love of photography and meaningful moments with our creative herd.

Last year, she led our PHOETRY workshop, and, this year, she'll be guiding us out of autopilot and into our own innate wisdom with tools from her new book, The Human Herd, Awakening Our Natural Leadership

You can join us for the LIVE workshop with Beth by signing up for The Life Feast right => here

The Human Herd: Awakening our Natural Leadership workshop with Beth Anstandig

DATE: Wednesday, April 27,  2022
TIME: 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST (Zoom with recording available the next day)

Beth and I have been close friends since we were 14 years old, so this workshop will be nothing short of funny, creative, inspiring and transformative. Get ready for eradicating old ways of dismissing our needs AND embarrassing stories from high school.

It'll be a Life Feast workshop you won't want to miss. Can't wait to have you join us! Don't miss out, sign up BEFORE Wednesday, April 27.

Sign up=> here

Giddy up!

Lizzie Larock Creator of The Life Feast, The Photowalk Guide and Gratitude Gravy


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