Online First Friday Artwalk - Climbing the Walls

creativity online artwalk Mar 30, 2020

Ideally, we would be meeting in person, in my downtown Steamboat Springs studio. But life has taken a strange turn this month, and, alas, we are meeting online.

Because music is imperative to a perfect gallery experience, please click play for classical music perfectly paired for viewing this online art show. If I could send you a glass of something bubbly through the internet ether, I certainly would!

In this ONLINE Steamboat First Friday Artwalk, I'm sharing with you a favorite subject of mine ... #ceilingselfies.

photo by Lizzie Larock, ceiling of Lyon's Drugstore (directly below my studio) taken the night before the Colorado stay-at-home order. 

Since we're all climbing the walls, we may as well take a #ceilingselfie ...

photo by Lizzie Larock (creator of The Life Feast), ceiling selfie of the gazebo by the Steamboat Creates Art Depot

photo by Lizzie Larock - Houston airport ceiling 

photo by Lizzie Larock, ceiling of Emmanuelle Vital's studio (next door to mine)

What pray tell is a #ceilingselfie? It's a creative prompt that I give to all of my photo students to get them to notice that interesting vignettes are everywhere in life.

photo by Lizzie Larock, snowmelt off of a low hanging roof eave at Bud Werner Memorial Library

photo by Life Feaster, Becky Rubin, Chicago L

But we don't always notice them. We're either staring down at our phones or just not used to stepping out of our usual view of seeing the world at eye-level.

photo by life feaster, Carole Milligan, a "wing" selfie, somewhere in the sky between Colorado and California

photo by Life Feaster, Carole Milligan, outdoor ceiling selfie, Steamboat

photo by Lizzie Larock, Deer Mountain "ceiling" selfie...

photo by Life Feaster, Beth Killough, ceiling selfie in California

photo by life feaster, Beth Brant, ceiling selfie in Montana

Here's how to shoot one, take your phone and put it in selfie mode, and then hold it parallel to the ground and start walking, you'll be treated to an interesting array of compositions.

photo by Lizzie Larock, ceiling selfie in Telluride, Colorado

Indoor ceiling selfies can be a still life with a lightbulb if you will...

photo by Life Feaster, Dianne Bertini, ceiling selfie in Steamboat

photo by Life Feaster, Kristen Burris, ceiling selfie in Idaho 

photo by Life Feaster, Seamus Ruane, ceiling selfie in Ireland

If you're at home with kids, get them in on the action. My sister and I used to do this analog style with a handmirror back in the 70's.

photo by life feaster, Ruth Nielsen, ceiling selfie of a chandelier made by "the welding nun"

We thought it was hilarious to pretend we were stepping over chandeliers and hopping over door jambs. 

photo by Life Feaster, Kristen Burris, Washington DC building ceiling selfie

Photo by Life Feaster, Alethea Stone, Ceiling Selfie, Steamboat

photo by Life Feaster, Davida Kales, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona ceiling selfie

photo by Life Feaster, Davida Kales, Park Guell, Barcelona, ceiling selfie

These ceiling selfies were taken by me, along with several of my The Life Feast students.

photo by life feaster: Katy Martin, ceiling selfie in Steamboat

photo by life feaster, Katy Martin, ceiling selfie

Did you know that just by looking up, you can change your perspective, both on life and on art?

photo by Life Feaster, Katy Martin, ceiling selfie

Raise your gaze and interrupt old patterns, tap into a meditative experience or just enjoy the delights that are rarely noticed, 8 feet above our heads.

 photo by Life Feaster, Katina Koster, Washington DC ceiling selfie

photo by life feaster, Laura Rosenberg, Columbus, Ohio ceiling selfie

photo by Life Feaster, Kathryn Pedersen, Steamboat ceiling selfie

If you're interested in what The Life Feast is all about, it's an online workshop where I teach you how to use photography to bring more mindfulness, curiosity, awe and playfulness into your life. Yes, even during a pandemic, especially during a pandemic. 

photo by life feaster, Marla Karimipour, Pots and pans Michigan ceiling selfie

You can sign up for The Life Feast here. Or email me with questions here: [email protected]

photo by Life Feaster, Nikki DeCrette, Downtown Denver ceiling selfie

I'm doing a very special reopening of the class this week (it wasn't supposed to open until June), because I can't think of a better time to see familiar surroundings with fresh eyes...

photo by Life Feaster, Maria Linna, Trees from her skis, ceiling selfie at Steamboat Ski Resort.

photo by Life Feaster, Shea Cochrane, umbrella ceiling selfie

photo by Life Feaster, Shea Cochrane, Ceiling Selfie - Seattle

Thank you so much for coming! If you'd like to purchase any of the photos featured on this page, you can contact me at [email protected]. Various sizes available depending on the image resolution, inquire directly.

Don't forget that if you're climbing the walls, it might be time for a ceiling selfie! 

Lizzie Larock

If you're interested in becoming a Life Feaster and getting creative with us, the next session opens in June. You can get on the waitlist, by sending me an email. If you want to purchase a spot in the next session for a Mother's Day gift, just message me and I'll give you a digital gift certificate to give to your favorite mom (or to yourself!). 

No experience required. It's for any adult interested in infusing their lives with curiosity, awe, mindfulness and creativity through iPhone photography.


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