Photo Embroidery & Stitching our Stories into our Memories with Juliana Naufel

It started with a photo of her grandmother - a woman who ironically had disliked embroidery so much that she bartered writing papers for friends instead of having to complete embroidery assignments in school (presumably in a time and place where schools gave young women embroidery HOMEWORK). 

It was only about a decade ago, and Juliana Naufels was the same age as the beloved woman in the photograph, listening intently to her shy and reserved grandfather as he came to life sharing the stories behind the images in his old photo albums. 

Juliana was also in art school and feeling stressed ABOUT ART.

Yes. art can be stressful too!

And she needed an outlet that had nothing to do with the artistic mediums she was learning in school (ceramics, painting, drawing).

She turned to embroidery for some much needed stress relief and art degree downtime. 

But in a kismet moment of poring over old photos and loving the accompanying stories she was hearing, she decided to take her colorful thread to the black and white world of days gone by. 

And heal her own heart.

It's a fascinating story and Juliana has MANY more. 

Like the story about someone else's grandmother whose photo Juliana had purchased at a flea market in Brazil then stitched with words of hope for herself that became an anthem for difficulties in the early days of the pandemic that found its way back to its rightful owner via a viral Instagram post made several years after its creation (how wild is that!).

Or the untold stories of the generations of women who were silent for their lifetimes now emblazoned with powerful phrases and projected into modern day Times Square. 

This isn't just a way to bring back a kitschy craft and monetize it on Etsy.

This is a deeply healing process that evokes nostalgia, connection and contemplation in both herself and others. 

It's a photographic meditation and a beautiful way to honor our stories, then stitch them together with other known or unknown loved ones' legacies.  

This month in The Life Feast, we have a special guest expert, a surprise vintage embroidery sewing kit arriving in the mail (lovingly assembled by me), a complimentary copy of Juliana's fantastic book: Stitching Stories and a LIVE workshop in The Life Feast putting it all together and learning this healing art form first hand from Juliana herself!

Juliana Naufel has won multiple awards for her artwork, she's an art therapist, publisher and co-founder of Photo Trouvee magazine, and she's regularly featured in Create! Magazine, Art + Type magazine and CandyFloss magazine. And, as of TODAY, one of her embroidered photographs of her grandmother had its debut on a billboard in Times Square. She splits her time between Brazil and New York City and is excited to teach our wonderful Life Feast membership community. 

Are you a Life Feaster, yet? If not, now is DEFINITELY the time to join. Doors are closing this Friday. The workshop with Juliana is this WEDNESDAY. And if you join this week you'll still get access to the live workshop, the recording, her wonderful book and a photo embroidery kit too (while supplies last!). 

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complimentary gift copy of the book from me to every current life feaster - this week only

As women, we certainly haven't stopped having our voices shhhh'ed by a culture that would rather us be silent. 

And in this practice we can honor ourselves, our stories, and reclaim our big beautiful lives for everyone and their ancestors to witness. 

Because as Juliana so poignantly points out. Everything is political when you are a woman. In this month of women's history, join me and Juliana Naufel for this extraordinary practice. It's the digital detox, contemplative practice and personal empowerment creative endeavor that you didn't know you needed. You don't need to be artistic or have any embroidery or sewing experience to enjoy this workshop. 

Join the Life Feast before March 13, 2024 right =>  here. Doors are closing this week - so don't miss out on this beautiful experience and we have incredible guest experts for April, May and June, as well!


Lizzie Larock

Creator of The Life Feast, The Photowalk Guide, Gratitude Gravy




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