Photo Embroidery & Stitching our Stories into our Memories with Juliana Naufel

It started with a photo of her grandmother - a woman who ironically had disliked embroidery so much that she bartered writing papers for friends instead of having to complete embroidery assignments in school (presumably in a time and place where schools gave young women embroidery HOMEWORK). 

It was only about a decade ago, and Juliana Naufels was the same age as the beloved woman in the photograph, listening intently to her shy and reserved grandfather as he came to life sharing the stories behind the images in his old photo albums. 

Juliana was also in art school and feeling stressed ABOUT ART.

Yes. art can be stressful too!

And she needed an outlet that had nothing to do with the artistic mediums she was learning in school (ceramics, painting, drawing).

She turned to embroidery for some much needed stress relief and art degree downtime. 

But in a kismet moment of poring over old photos and loving the accompanying stories she was...

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