The Grateful Bed --> the practice that helps you sleep longer.

Gratitude GRAVY 6

Today's gratitude challenge is so easy, you can do it in your sleep. In fact, that's exactly where I want you to do it! 

Sleep is a critical process that restores our bodies and our brains. It doesn't matter how much gratitude we have for that daily jolt of caffeine, we cannot survive without sleep. I personally am a bit of a train wreck when I don't get enough sleep! 

My mother's favorite coffee mug. Yes, my dad has a matching one! I'm grateful for my irreverent parents and their sense of humor!

In another gratitude study from Dr. Emmons Ph.D., in conjunction with the University of California - Davis Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the University of Miami, a group of participants were given the task of practicing gratitude before bed. Control groups were asked to either write about neutral events, hassles or social comparison before bed.

Not surprisingly, the majority of participants who were in the gratitude group showed significantly higher positive affects, satisfaction with their lives, optimism and, most remarkably, they slept better.

They actually got more hours of sleep each night, spent less time falling asleep and woke feeling more well-rested.

All from just practicing gratitude before bed. This study has been replicated by other psychology researchers and also on people with neuromuscular disorders, all with similar results. 

Sleep aids are a $70 billion industry! Guess what? Gratitude is free.

What if tonight you stopped the scroll, didn't indulge in social comparison, didn't ruminate on what's bothering you, didn't obsess over your to-do list and wrote out what you're grateful for, instead? 

Gratitude Practice #6
The Grateful Bed

Take a few minutes before turning in for the night to write out 3-5 specific things that you're grateful for. That's it!

Want more gravy?
My friend and colleague, Lauren E. Miller, likes to add a second component to this practice and ask herself, "how am I blessed and how did I bless?" as in what is she grateful for and how did she bless other people in a positive way.

With all of this gratitude gravy you all are practicing, I would imagine you are "blessing" quite a few people during your day!

My name is Luna and I'm grateful for biscuits, chipmunks, head rubs and car rides.


When your head hits the pillow or when you wake up in a cold sweat, don't go through tomorrow's to-do list or today's anxiety. Count your blessings, instead.

Think about what you are grateful for. You can start with your physical environment, comfortable pillow, cozy comforter, soft sheets, then move into reflecting on the relationships you're grateful for, moments in your life you're grateful for ... you get the idea. 

Each time an anxious thought pops into your head, replace it with something you're grateful for. 

Try 3 Good Things at Night

The original instructions for the 3 Good Things research (the practice that I gave you on day 2)  included doing the practice right before bed to help improve sleep. 

I do this religiously. I'm better at keeping a 3 good things journal than I am at keeping a gratitude journal, but I'm working on alternating the practices more.

Both practices improve sleep. Either practice takes less than 3 minutes and both train your brain to remember the good (because we're so much more practiced at remembering the not-so-good).

I'm pretty grateful for this guy ... he's also my favorite former Dead Head. 

Wishing you a Grateful goodnight and sunshine daydreams-
Lizzie Larock
Coach & Creator of Gratitude GRAVY & The Life Feast

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