Use BURST Mode to Take Awesome Fireworks Photos With Your iPhone

iphone photography Jul 04, 2024

Here’s a 60 second iPhone photo tip for your Fourth of July fireworks photos.

Use burst mode.

It’s not at all obvious how to do a photo burst. Here are the steps. 

💥open the camera
💥slide the white shutter button to the left
💥hold it there for the whole firework interval
💥later on, open up your burst and scroll through all of the photos in the burst (use the slider at the bottom of your screen).
💥put a check mark next to your favorites
💥hit done
💥you can then choose between keeping your favorites and deleting the rest of the photos in the burst or keeping the entire burst.
💥 bonus: open up your top photo from the selection and make some minor edits. I love to boost the contrast and increase the sharpening.

🏆you did it!

I’ve got 5 other top tips in my blog post on how to take the best iPhone fireworks photos this Fourth of July. 

Please share your photos with me on Instagram. I’d love to see what you create!

PS burst mode is also great for taking action shots of your friends and family.


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