Use BURST Mode to Take Awesome Fireworks Photos With Your iPhone

iphone photography Jul 04, 2024

Here’s a 60 second iPhone photo tip for your Fourth of July fireworks photos.

Use burst mode.

It’s not at all obvious how to do a photo burst. Here are the steps. 

open the camera
slide the white shutter button to the left
hold it there for the whole firework interval
later on, open up your burst and scroll through all of the photos in the burst (use the slider at the bottom of your screen).
put a check mark next to your favorites
hit done
you can then choose between keeping your favorites and deleting the rest of the photos in the burst or keeping the entire burst.
bonus: open up your top photo from the selection and make some minor edits. I love to boost the contrast and increase the sharpening.

you did it!

I’ve got 5 other top tips in my blog post on how to take the best iPhone fireworks photos this Fourth of July. 

Please share your photos with me on Instagram. I’d love to see what you create!

PS burst mode is also great for taking action shots of...

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How to Take The Best Firework Photos with Your iPhone

Want to give your firework photos a GLOW-UP this year? Here are a few tips for much better iPhone photography results.

1. Use a tripod
This is always the recommendation and, quite frankly, I rarely use one. But they do make a big difference in the clarity of your low light iPhone photography. When it's dark out, every breath you take (cue the Sting soundtrack) definitely affect the clarity of your photos. Things get blurry fast when there's no sunshine. Selfie sticks usually have an option for transforming into a stand-alone tripod. And you can also improvise by propping your phone up against a water bottle. If you aren't using a tripod, just be sure to hold as still as possible. The slightest shakes will show up in your photos. 

2. Be intentionally blurry
Some of us (i.e. ME) love some artistic blur (hence why I don't stress over the tripod all that much), so there are fun slow shutter 3rd party apps that you can use to intentionally (and artistically)...

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From Smartphone to Cyanotype: How to Create Stunning Blue-Toned Art with Your iPhone Photos


Looking for a quirky, creative outlet that blends the convenience of digital with the charm of historic art forms?

Dive into the magical world of cyanotype photography this summer!

Cyanotype photo by Lori Battaglia

What Are Cyanotypes?

Cyanotypes are like a time machine for your photos, whisking them back to the 19th century.

This magical process uses sunlight and water to turn your images into rich, blue-toned works of art. Think of them as the original Instagram filters, but way cooler and without the hashtags. These pieces of art capture the essence of summer in deep, Prussian blue hues and are sure to make your friends and family gasp and wonder how you did it so EASILY.

Why Cyanotypes Are the Perfect Summertime Creative Outlet

Combining digital and analog techniques offers a ton of fun, making cyanotypes the perfect hobby for everyone from photography buffs to total newbies. Especially in summer. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Modern Meets Historic:...
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Mandy Seligman teaches on motherhood, photography, positive psychology and finding herself in a full life

Have you ever looked under the "hood" of motherhood and wondered who am I, anymore? I haven't seen "me" in a while, though I think my soul might be buried under a pile of laundry or a science project somewhere. 

Parenthood is an interesting paradox, isn't it?

It's beautiful, fulfilling, loving, stressful, exhausting, humorous, frustrating, terrifying and joyful all at the same time ... sometimes all in the same hour! 

And, as busy mothers, taking care of our share (and then some), we can lose ourselves along the way.

Remember those invisible mothers from Victorian photos I shared with you two weeks ago? It's an irony both metaphorical and literal. 

This week, in The Life Feast, I have an incredible special guest, one I've waited months to share with you who will be talking with us about how she found herself through photography. 

Mandy Seligman is a mom of five, a homeschooler, a wife, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, and she is also she is also a...

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What did you used to love to do (before adulting consumed every minute of everyday)?


What did you used to love to do before adulting consumed every minute of everyday? 

Did you love to paint?
Did you love to dance?
Did you love to sing?

Has it been a few years since you asked yourself what you used to love to do? And decades since you've actually given yourself permission to be you?

It is time to color outside the lines of motherhood or midlife. Reclaim your identity AND your creativity. Get out of your inbox and into your life. It's time to feast. 

Are you ready to feast on life?  
Details are right => here

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