How to Take The Best Firework Photos with Your iPhone

Want to give your firework photos a GLOW-UP this year? Here are a few tips for much better iPhone photography results.

1. Use a tripod
This is always the recommendation and, quite frankly, I rarely use one. But they do make a big difference in the clarity of your low light iPhone photography. When it's dark out, every breath you take (cue the Sting soundtrack) definitely affect the clarity of your photos. Things get blurry fast when there's no sunshine. Selfie sticks usually have an option for transforming into a stand-alone tripod. And you can also improvise by propping your phone up against a water bottle. If you aren't using a tripod, just be sure to hold as still as possible. The slightest shakes will show up in your photos. 

2. Be intentionally blurry
Some of us (i.e. ME) love some artistic blur (hence why I don't stress over the tripod all that much), so there are fun slow shutter 3rd party apps that you can use to intentionally (and artistically)...

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