From Smartphone to Cyanotype: How to Create Stunning Blue-Toned Art with Your iPhone Photos


Looking for a quirky, creative outlet that blends the convenience of digital with the charm of historic art forms?

Dive into the magical world of cyanotype photography this summer!

Cyanotype photo by Lori Battaglia

What Are Cyanotypes?

Cyanotypes are like a time machine for your photos, whisking them back to the 19th century.

This magical process uses sunlight and water to turn your images into rich, blue-toned works of art. Think of them as the original Instagram filters, but way cooler and without the hashtags. These pieces of art capture the essence of summer in deep, Prussian blue hues and are sure to make your friends and family gasp and wonder how you did it so EASILY.

Why Cyanotypes Are the Perfect Summertime Creative Outlet

Combining digital and analog techniques offers a ton of fun, making cyanotypes the perfect hobby for everyone from photography buffs to total newbies. Especially in summer. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Modern Meets Historic:...
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