Why Whimsy Matters with Ryan McGuire

Ever tried making a 7-foot-long fiberglass banana with eight insect legs?


What about repurposing an abandoned pay phone into a positivity portal that delivers a joke, a ridiculous dance request or some encouraging words for absolutely anyone who picks up the beaming yellow receiver? 

Sounds like a strange dream or the fantasy of a 5-year old, doesn't it?

But in Ryan McGuire's world, a limitless imagination combined with a rigorous anti procrastination discipline and a mad scientist mentality results in a playful world for joy junkies or anyone craving a jolt of possibility or polka dots amidst an ordinary day. 

And this creative dynamo, founder of a burgeoning community arts organization, photographer, photo shopper, web designer and all around wild man, Ryan McGuire, is our guest expert in The Life Feast this month.

Because in a world dominated by deadlines, routines, to do lists plus the daily drudgery of life maintenance (did you call that plumber or file that insurance claim, buy the dog food or sign that school permission slip, yet?), it's easy to forget why we actually need a weekly dose of whimsical creativity. 

Newsflash: a life careening towards burn out or rusting out (or anything in between) is not inspiring to anyone. 

And creativity and whimsy are really just about injecting a sense of wonder, playfulness and possibility into the ordinary.

Plus it nourishes our soul (yes our soul needs nourishing, moisturizing, peloton'ing too!). 

Whimsy has the remarkable ability to unite people. It transcends language and cultural barriers, invoking smiles, laughter, and a shared sense of wonder.

Ryan's pro bono artistic creations, shared generously with his community, embody the idea that art can bridge gaps and create connections in ways that nothing else can.

About Ryan McGuire

Ryan McGuire's journey began over a decade ago with his web design company: Bells Design, a firm name that pays homage to his old quirky habit of wearing 50 jingling bells around his ankles for a staggering 14 years (that's commitment!). He then turned his creative photography and photoshopping skills into a beloved and edgy stock photo site that has hundreds of thousands of fans and users. 

He creates BREWty whereever he goes!

And his whimsical endeavors don't end with design. He's also the co-owner of Bella's Beans, a coffee roastery that fuses art and aroma to bankroll his most recent community brainchild, the Granville Center of the Arts. This is the year old accessible, inclusive and cultural masterpiece straight outta Granville, Ohio (hello to my Denison friends!).

He's an Anti-Procrastinator

Ryan proudly dons the badge of an anti-procrastinator. He has an insatiable hunger to try new things and does not let overthinking, analysis paralysis or "I'll get to it, tomorrow", get in his way. He's got an endless supply of energy, talents and a laundry list of wild projects up his sleeve.

Whether he's designing, roasting coffee, or championing community art, Ryan is living proof that life becomes infinitely more vibrant when you dare to paint WAY outside the lines. Ready to learn from Ryan?

Join me in The Life Feast this month for an unforgettable infusion of joy, positivity and creative possibility into your day.

Ryan's many marvelous and magical websites:

His web design/branding company (be sure to click on adorable mode!)

The very playful and humorous stock storytelling photography site that he sold several years ago (but the whimsy page features a lot of his work):

His book that feeds hungry kids:

His BREWtiful coffee roasting company (check out his awesome merch and coffee subscription):

The nonprofit arts organization he created last year in his community of Granville, Ohio:
https://granvillearts.org/ & 

Color Lisa
Mona Lisa color palettes (and other famous artworks)

McGuire Made: where all of his community art project installations live:

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