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Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021
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Step up your walks to skyrocket creativity & connection

Did you know that a few little tweaks to your walking can boost your brain power, skyrocket your creativity and help you feel more connected in your relationships?

You might soak up life's little details along the way and decrease your inflammation while staring at a rainbow. In this jam packed episode, Lizzie gives you 7 different types of walks (several you've probably NEVER heard of) to boost your brainpower, increase creativity and feel more connected in your relationships.

Plus, experience all the usual benefits of a walking habit. Listen in to step up your walking (all puns intended) with science-backed research, funny stories and down-to-earth tips. Want to know the perfect kind of walk to boost your memory, calm your stress, generate new ideas or to decrease your inflammation? It's all inside!

A few of the walks mentioned: passeggiata, flanerie (or flaneuring), awe walks, novelty walks, meditative walks, photo walks with favorites from Baudelaire, Nietsche, Thoreau, Jon...

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Look for a little Wabi Sabi on your Next Photowalk (and then sprinkle some in your life!)


Have you ever heard of Wabi Sabi?

I can hear your inner dialogue right now: Wabi Whatie?

No, this isn't a plea to go on a sushi photowalk and find some bright green wasabi while you're out and about (though don't tempt me, I am hungry right now). 

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of an object being beautiful because it's perfectly imperfect.

Of course, that is the overly simplified definition, in reality, it's a philosophy embedded in Japanese culture, and it's not that easily distilled down into a few words. 

Essentially, it's about seeing beauty in imperfection, savoring simplicity, and recognizing the impermanence and transience of nature. If something is Wabi Sabi, it's not beautiful in spite of its cracks or its patina or its handmade dents and dings, it's beautiful BECAUSE of these flaws.

It's the difference between a factory made "flawless" mug and one that's been lovingly created on a potter's wheel by a human with FLAWesomeness oozing from its...

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Overcoming Perfectionistic Procrastination (and my embarrassing Malibu Barbie & Bohemian Barbie Goals)

Do you have play pretend goals? Goals that feel great when you're thinking them up, but fall apart when you try to make them happen. If you're ready to call BS on your brain and figure out why you procrastinate your dreams into the next decade, then listen to this episode.

Lizzie talks about the simple way to find out if you're serious about what you want, how to talk back to your inner Dwight (he's a real pain), and why the hidden goal of staying "safe" is actually pretty dangerous.

Your path is meant to have obstacles, but they don't need to be insurmountable barricades. Instead they can be like the ultimate mix tap ro rock out that bigger and more meaningful life (yes you've probably been on autopilot for a while now).

Forego the junk food hit of your imaginary life in your imaginary future and, instead, experience the real rewards that are meant for you right here, right now.

To join the creative community everyone is talking about, Life Feast, click here

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When mom is less stressed, everyone is less stressed.

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2021

Photos by Shea Cochrane

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Sum up your 2020

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020

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I’ve spent the last 12 months vacillating between wanting to hug a human so much my heart hurts to rejoicing the fact that I rarely need to put on a bra these days. 

This is a year of dichotomies, we’re relishing the slow pace, and recovering from the screeching halt whiplash of last March.
I’ve had days when I’ve felt like crying because everything feels dark and heavy (Christmas lights in October helped!), and I have had days filled with absurd moments like when I did a socially distant trade on my front porch for a 12-pack of toilet paper in exchange for yeast packages for baking. 

There were serious moments, like helping my husband rapidly pivot when the company he worked for (and income we depended on) suddenly folded, and absolutely hilarious moments like when my mom accidentally swore unmuted in the middle of an online Zoom dance recital for all to hear (#earmuffs).


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Stressed about gifts this holiday season? 6 Ways to Hop off the Hedonic Treadmill...

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2020

There are exactly 19 shopping days before Christmas, 4 shopping days before Hanukkah. And if you’re anything like me, today is a day to give your Visa card a workout and get down to some serious holiday gifting. 

But before you do, I want to tell you about the hedonic treadmill. Don’t worry, this isn’t the latest workout craze with a waitlist as long as a Peloton. 

The Hedonic Treadmill

The Hedonic Treadmill is what psychologists call our human tendency to have our pleasure diminish over time, little by little things that used to give us a big hit of happiness.

We are highly adaptable creatures. Our ability to quickly adapt and habituate to a situation has kept us alive for thousands of years in an ever-changing environment. 

The advantages of adaptation
My twins just turned 15 years old and recently got their driver’s permits. Learning how to make a left turn at a traffic light gives them a thrill (and me a panic attack) like nothing else right...

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Questions about the Life Feast?

the life feast Sep 29, 2020

You've got questions, I've got answers (and pajamas!). Feast on... 




PS Life Feast starts on Thursday, October 1, 2020, so hop on over and dig in.

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Why you need to sum up your summer ...

This summer, our family spent an inordinate amount of time at various doctors’ offices. Since sleepaway camp was canceled, I figured it was a good time to have teeth pulled and sinuses probed (I’m an awful mom, I know).

We went to at least 12 doctor appointments this summer. We had dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, pediatrician, allergist and ear nose and throat appointments. 

There were shots, scratch tests, blood draws, nose probes, teeth pulled and an amoxicillin allergic reaction. Not exactly a dream summer for two fourteen year olds.

Plus the end of August had us inside a lot due to smoke and haze from forest fires. In addition, I sat through a bunch of zoom meetings trying to figure out whether or not we should do hybrid or online school, stressing about school safety.

Photo by Catherine Larock

The cherry on top was that just a few days ago, my husband found out that the treatment center where he was clinical director is folding due to the pandemic. 


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Blue Minds, photowalks and why you need an aquatic reset 🐟

I am a water person. I’m also a dog person (but not a wet dog person!). We divide ourselves up into dog person, cat person, water person. 

But wait… lest there be on more way to divide us, please know that we are all water people. 

You might be shaking your head no, but neuroscientists know better. Our brains, hearts, and planet are all made up of over 70% water. This deep biological connection to water means that, as humans, we love it. 

Our brains are hardwired to recognize the evolutionary purpose of water and our connection to it. This makes sense because we can't actually live all that long WITHOUT water. When we are in, on, under, or near water our brains reward us with what marine biologist, (in his book by the same name), Wallace J. Nichols calls Blue Mind. Just coming close to the water’s edge floods our brains with calming neurochemicals, reducing our cortisol (and our stress levels), and increasing our capacity for awe. 

What is...

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